Photo via Nina Westervelt/WWD/Shutterstock


'Euphoria' Star Barbie Ferreira Dyed Her Hair A Dramatic Greenish-Black

I'm so into it

Barbie Ferreira made a very Euphoria-esque hair color change. She's tinted her natural-looking black strands a deep green, adding dimension and depth to her bob.

Ferreira documented the process, from getting parts of her hair bleached by colorist Anthony Vincent Ronquillo to showing off the finished product, on her Instagram story. Paired with grown-out bangs, it makes for an edgy look that I can't help but want to recreate.

In Euphoria, Jules (Hunter Schafer) dyed the front pieces of her platinum blonde hair black for her prom night look, and a similar trend has been going around TikTok where users are dyeing the front pieces of their hair bright neon colors. Though Ferreira's look is much more understated, it's just the right hair switch-up for fall. My only question is, what dye did she use?