10 Trending Valentine’s Day Nail Art Ideas, According to Kylie Jenner’s Manicurist

Celebrity nail artist Chaun Legend talks colors, designs, and more for the holiday.

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If there is ever a reason to go over-the-top on a manicure its most likely for a birthday or holiday—not that anyone really needs a reason to begin with. Still, with Valentine's Day literally right around the corner, now is the time to get all the nail inspiration for the love-filled holiday.

Wanting to get the latest scoop on what nail trends to try that'll look great for Valentine's Day and beyond, NYLON had the pleasure to chat with LA- based celebrity nail artist, Chaun Peth - aka Chaun Legend, who is a serious nail legend to the stars. He's done the nails of some of your favorite celebrities, like Kylie Jenner, Khloe Kardashian, and Zendaya—just to name a few.

Below, you'll find his take on the best shades of reds and pinks, as well as unique designs to try this Valentine's Day—and if red or pink isn't your thing, don't you worry he's got something for you too, you're in good hands.

Valentine's Day 2021 Nail Trend: Embossed

3D embossed feature's have been all the rage starting this year. Peth recommends embossing the name of that certain special someone. But if you don't want to claim them or putting their "name on it" seems like too much, Peth also recommended going for an embossed heart or lips.

Valentine's Day 2021 Nail Trend: Chevron French Tips

French tips have made a serious comeback with in the last year or so. Take the classic look up a notch with doing a fun design for the tip, such as chevron. Peth recommends using a red or pink to get into the V-Day holiday spirit.

Valentine's Day 2021 Nail Trend: Different Shades

Wearing different shades of the same color on each finger is definitely a hot trend right now. If you can't decide on the perfect shade of pink try all five and see how you like it. "Try it in a matte finish to give more of the Valentine sugar candy look."

Valentine's Day 2021 Nail Trend: Pink Ombre's

Ombre nails have now earned their spot as a classic nail design. You can achieve this look using any shade of pink (or red) that you like and blend into a nude.

Valentine's Day 2021 Nail Trend: Cow Print

Regardless if cows are your favorite animal or not, the cow print trend has literally been everywhere. So why not give it a try on your nails? This design is great for someone who may want something pink or red but not filled with hearts or cupid's arrows.

Valentine's Day 2021 Nail Trend: Quartz

This design is a bit more intricate but will totally turn heads. Make your finger nails resemble your favorite stone. "Pink Rose Quartz is perfect for V-day since it’s the love stone."

Valentine's Day 2021 Nail Trend: Traditional Hearts

Valentine's Day would be nothing without hearts, hugs, and kisses. You can totally go the traditional route of doing typical designs that represent V-day but take it up a notch with the art work by adding lips and candy hearts.

Valentine's Day 2021 Nail Trend: Nude Hearts

We know that the whole kitchy red and pink isn't for everyone. If you still want to celebrate the holiday but not be stuck looking at bright pink nails after the 14th, give this looks a try.

Valentine's Day 2021 Nail Trend: Abstract Art

You don't always have to go the heart route. Doing something a bit more abstract will be great for the holiday and last you well after. "A good alternative is heart art in nude shades or abstract rose drawings in black or white on a sheer pink base."

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