Lindsay Lohan of Mean Girls poses in promotional film image that has her getting a makeover.


15 Products to Channel the Ultimate ’00s “Mean Girls” Beauty

On Wednesday’s, wear pink lipstick.

You don't need a cake filled with rainbows and smiles to make your beauty routine into something straight from Mean Girls. Instead, check out five of the movie's most amped up scenes, and take your beauty cues from an '00s film filled with gloss, pink, and perfectly styled hair.

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Regina George

As Queen of the Plastics and the school, Regina George prided herself on a flawless beauty routine.

Get Regina's perfect glossy pout with this universally flattering shade of pink gloss.

A hint of bold color to turn heads in the halls.

Regina George never had a problem with frizz, and with the addition of this serum, you won't either. Smooth your straightest hairstyle with this Sephora shopper favorite.

Gretchen Wieners

You don't need an annual talent show appearance to get a little glossy with your beauty routine. Take a cue from Gretchen in this popular scene, and bust out the Juicy Tubes.

Gretchen turned to this tried and trusted tube of gloss when preparing for the talent show.

Never one to forget her lashes, get Gretchen's height with this volumizing mascara.

This dual-ended, triangular-shaped, retractable brow pen delivers brow definition without overpowering your natural shape.

Karen Smith

As one of the most fun characters in the film, Karen Smith played up her personality with her beauty routine. Often sporting lip gloss and straight hair, her big breakaway beauty moment came at the end of the film, when she tried to add some gems.

Match your all-pink wardrobe to your makeup. This pink palette comes with shimmer and matte shades, making it the perfect option for daily wear.

Often spotted with pink lips, Karen would certainly approve of this shade.

Plastics can only wear their hair up once a week — but these pink scrunchies can easily double as an accessory.

Janis Ian

Throughout the film, Janis relied on a few beauty staples, and even when she faced off against Regina George, she had her trusty liner and hair clips.

Add one or all of these bobby pins to your updo for an experimental look inspired by Janis.

Intense Ink Eyeliner
e.l.f. Cosmetics

Whether you want a wing or a smoked out eye, this liner will help you achieve the look. And thanks to its fine point, you can even get crafty with your eye makeup like Janis.

Janis wasn't big into lip color, but this balm will help give you some of her subtle lip glow.

Cady Heron

Cady Heron goes through a complete transformation throughout the film, culminating with a Plastics makeover.

Get teased out roots and texture like Cady's hair with this spray.

Like the other members of the Plastics, Cady is all about the gloss, and this color comes with a lip plumping-effect.

Cady also relied on eyeliner, but her look was more subtle. This dark liner is perfect for adding a touch of liner that will stay flawless, even when facing off against the rival Mathletes team.

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