8 Gifts For Those With A Fearless Sense of Style

Written by Marissa Olivia

There are safe gifts (socks, hand cream, coffee table books) for the agreeable types and then there are gifts that push the boundaries for those that are eclectic and edgy. Because you can’t just give someone who has a wicked sense of style something ordinary, right? With that in mind, we did all the hard work for you and curated gifts that perfectly celebrate the nuances of the fearless. Ahead, seven to bump up to the top of your list right now.

1. A Bold Scent

Starting with the bold Jean Paul Gaultier, the haute couture fashion house doesn’t miss when it comes to scent. Inspired by a non-conformist vision of masculinity, Le Male is at once delicate and strong with notes of fresh mint and nostalgic lavender—evocative of shave soap—and the warm richness of vanilla. And the kitschy bottle, a replica of a man’s torso, is outfitted with a sailor’s shirt, a symbol of freedom and a message to be uniquely you. Grab the single or the jumbo gift set, conveniently packaged with a travel spray version of the full size for a steal.

2. A Holiday Collector Edition

While we’re on the subject, we couldn’t not mention that the original Le Male fragrance also comes in a limited-edition version adorned with a red puffer jacket. With its unique scent and outerwear accoutrement, it’s like giving the gift of a warm embrace.

3. Statement-Making Glassware

Raise your glass to festive, stylish sipping. These wine glasses take on the seasonal palette in deep, rich shades, adding elegance to the occasion with the elongated slender stems and bubble bowls.

4. A Uniquely Crafted Ring

Depending on their mood, this multi-faceted, artisan-crafted bauble can serve as the focal point of a look or a standout layering piece thanks to its opulent amber and cerulean colors and unique silhouette. They’ll also enjoy how the transparent amber is made of recycled plastic, meaning it had a whole other life before them.

5. A Noir-Wax Candle

A nod to ancient philosophies of the number five, this calming candle by Fvith is festively warm, with a peaceful, woody scent of birchwood, cedar, and leather. The dark wax lends to a moody, dimly-lit ambiance.

6. A Trendsetting Hat

Alternating shearling sheepskin with laminated emerald green radically elevates functional winter accessories. Lined with a plush layer of 100% sheepskin, it’ll keep them warm while topping off their styles in a chic, standout way.

7. An Alluring Perfume

For the ultra-sensual woman, or someone intrigued by strong femininity, La Belle is a uniquely sensual scent that seduces with the ripe scent of fruit — juicy bergamot and fresh pear — and is rounded out by the smooth softness of tonka bean and vanilla. The bottle—like a sculptural art piece— captures the curves of a woman’s body and is adorned with a necklace of golden roses. This also conveniently comes in a limited-edition holiday set ready for gifting at an incredible value.

8. A Mood-Setting Incense Burner

This minimalistic piece lets them light up their favorite incense in a whole new way. With the modern metal and wood mediums and the aroma of herbs and spices, they’ll set a perfectly moody ambience. Plus, watching the ashes flutter down as they burn off is bizarrely soothing.