Addison Rae On The One Trend She’s Too Nervous To Try

NYLON caught up with the actor and TikTok sensation ahead of ITEM Beauty’s launch at Sephora.

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Aspiring TikTokers, rejoice: On August 19, ITEM Beauty by Addison Rae will be available in all US Sephora stores. The line, which falls under the “Clean at Sephora” category, includes easy-to-use makeup and skincare staples for anyone who likes a simple routine and a fresh, glowy look — as is Addison’s signature.

Ahead of the launch, NYLON talked with Addison all about her favorite ITEM Beauty products, her beauty routine, and the one trend she’s too nervous to try.

Do you have a favorite memory of going to Sephora before you started working with them?

Sephora is the place that my best friends and I would always go to after school. Whether we needed anything or not, it was just the hangout spot. We would go every single day before dance. Sephora also helped to recognize and learn more about clean beauty products because they put such a big importance around it. That's my favorite thing that about Sephora now, that they helped me get involved and more educated on clean beauty.

What do you feel is the best part about having your own beauty line?

There are so many things that are the best thing. But I really love getting feedback from people who are close to me, and my community, and my supporters, and being able to use those points to make a product better or make a new product for the line. I know a lot of people really wanted a bigger shade range for Lip Quip. The formula's so good.

What’s your personal favorite product in the line?

My go-tos are my Lash Snack and the Brow Chow. I am obsessed with mascara, everyone who knows me knows I love mascara more than anything in the world. The Brow Chow, I can use it for so many different things. I use it for my brows to fluff them up. I love a big bushy brow and I have super thick eyebrows, so that also helps. I’ll use it as a smudgy liner, too. The light brown gives the effect of a little bit of lash definition.

What is your makeup routine like?

I'm pretty quick. I don't need much time to do my makeup. I’m good as long as I have a little bit of concealer and mascara. Mascara is super important to me. That's probably the thing that takes me the longest to do, to really layer on the mascara. I love a spidery lash look and really dramatic eyelashes. Having fluffy brows is super important to me, too. I always do blush, I love having color on my cheeks. Then, I like to use our Cheek Money as a bronzer and a bit of a shadow color. That's always something that I watched my mom do– put bronzer pretty much everywhere. It gives you a nice glow.

What’s your favorite beauty trend that you’re loving right now?

I feel like the obvious answer would be freckles. I think everyone loves a good freckle moment, especially in the summer. I like to use my Brow Chow to draw on freckles. It has a little bit of a slanted top. I like to use the skinny end to kind of dot around, then I just dab it out with my fingers. I use the Medium Brown shade, that's the one that gives me the most natural look. I always do it really close to my nose and on top of my nose. I think that gives me the most sun kissed kind of look.

What’s a beauty look you haven’t tried yet, but you want to?

I love bleached brows. I think they're really cool. Something about the way it looks, I'm just obsessed. Everyone that I've seen that's done it makes me think I want to do it so bad, but I'm so scared! I've heard it's really hard to get back to your natural eyebrow color after you do it, which worries me, but I do love the look. It's taken my mom a lot of convincing me to not do it.

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