Amika's "All Hair is Welcome" Campaign Re-Introduces Its Core Values

"A friend to hair, hairstylists, to her, him, them and you."

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With all of the different hair types and textures out there, it's widely understood that not all — or most — hair products are made one size fits all. While specific products and brands work great for certain hair types and not so well for others, a new campaign from Brooklyn-based haircare brand amika, is here to let you know that's not the case for .

The brands latest campaign, launched on October 27th, is a celebration of all hair that highlights inclusivity, diversity, but most importantly friendship. The word "amika" translates to 'friend' in the Esperanto language that was formed back in the early 1800s in an effort to unite the globe. Amika the brand, however, is on a mission to be a symbol of power and strength within communities and show the true beauty that comes out of diversity.

The All Hair is Welcome campaign features a variety of people from actors, influencers to everyday people showing the real them. During the time we've spent indoors, amika gives us a glimpse of real peoples every day lives, doing every day things using amika products making it very raw, honest, and relatable. Along with the All Hair is Welcome campaign, has launched a Hair Diary series where they spotlight a few individuals in the campaign where they take us on the story of their hair and how it's gotten them to where they are today.

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After having the original idea for a campaign come to a halt once the world went inside due to the global pandemic, the brand took this opportunity to switch things up. Being really well known for their fun and vibrant packaging as well as valuing self-expression and individuality, amika is taking a step forward to remind you through those values strong communities and friendships are built and made to last by truly celebrating inclusivity, diversity, and friendship.

Encouraging to start and enjoy a relationship with your hair, amika aims to be "a friend to hair, hairstylists, to her, him, them and you." Understanding that it takes more than just amazing products for a brand to be a friend, the brand decided to do some soul searching. "In our case, being a friend meant more about creating a platform where everyone felt 100% welcome and at ease to be themselves," amika's brand president, Chelsea Riggs, tells NYLON. "A place where you can get truthful answers and not all this industry jargon. Also a place of positivity of realness and fun—all of the elements you would think of when you think of a really good friend."

Amika is a certified cruelty-free, clean brand with a line that consists of 10 collections that specialize in various concerns for every hair type, texture, and style there's bound to be something for you. Check out the latest campaign, products and more on

See shots from the campaign, below.

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