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MONDAY Hair Care


This Hair Care Line Went From Viral Fame To The Shelves Of Target

An honest review of MONDAY Hair Care.

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When trips to the hair salon were still a part of normal daily routines, the post-cut process often came with an abundance of recommendations for styling products. It's likely that you may have taken the advice of your hairdresser and purchased the corresponding products, but if you ever had a moment of sticker shock, MONDAY is here to help.

Previously available only in Australia and New Zealand, hair care brand MONDAY has gained massive popularity, selling out quickly upon its debut. Now, those in the United States will get their turn to check out the hair hype, as the products officially launched at Target.

What it is:

Launching in select Target stores and, MONDAY Hair Care line was created as an affordable salon-inspired option. The collection is SLS and paraben-free, cruelty-free, and all bottles are recyclable.

The range features four distinct products types — GENTLE, MOISTURE, SMOOTH, and VOLUME. A shampoo and conditioner are paired together, but can be used interchangeably. Every product is packaged inside a soft peach-colored bottle, which features a lockable top. The collection is $7 to $15 per product.

Who it's for:

There are four ranges in the MONDAY collection, and each comes with a shampoo and conditioner for a specific hair type. Ultimately, which range you use will come down to your hair goals. While each range is formulated to help with a specific concern, like volume or dry scalp, you can also mix and match products.

When it comes to deciding on a specific range for your hair, MONDAY founder Jaimee Lupton noted that scalps come with differing needs. She suggested using VOLUME shampoo for hair that's prone to oiliness or limp roots, and advised that longer hair in need of TLC should consider SMOOTH conditioner for shine.

She further advised of considering the calendar, noting, "Additionally, our hair and scalps can change throughout the seasons, especially in climates that swing from hot and humid in Summer, to freezing cold in Winter - so it’s often the case that our haircare needs to change seasonally."

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Final verdict:

As someone who prefers not to spend the extra money on salon-approved products, the MONDAY line did give me that feeling of using a fancy, luxe product. Using the MOISTURE range, I noticed how the shampoo lathered easily, and a ton of product wasn't required to coat the hair.

As for the conditioner, it also requires lathering, and after using and waiting for my hair to dry, I didn't note any greasy residue or leftover product. My hair was also easy to brush, manageable, and stayed lightweight.

From the cost to its cute, shelfie-worthy packaging, as well as its performance, I can definitely see MONDAY becoming a mainstay on bathroom counters everywhere.

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