The Curl Care Line That Completely Revitalized My Hair Routine

High-shine, full definition.

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I've had coily 3C/4A curls my entire life, but have truthfully only been taking care of it — like, really taking care of it — this year. That's not to say I didn't tend to it at all, but I didn't have a standard and consistent routine outside of shampoos, conditioners, and co-washes. Instead of figuring out what worked best for my texture, I'd throw my hair up into a perpetual top bun, unconcerned about the bending and breakage I was allowing to occur.

Then, like a lot of people have during quarantine, I decided to cut most of my hair off. It's now a sweet, curly pixie, short enough that putting it up into a bun isn't even an option. It's low maintenance in that there's not a lot of it, so I don't have to constantly readjust during the day, but it's also forced me to be more diligent about my care routine — especially when it comes to curl definition — because now every curl is front and center with no volume or layers to hide behind.

My search for (and eventual testing of) products led me to evo curl, a newly launched collection from Australia-based haircare brand evo, designed to give curly hair types the attention and specific formulas that they deserve, well through the often overlooked 4C group. The collection, launched in July 2020, consists of five everyday products, including deep clean rinse, co-wash, curl treatment, curl balm, and curl definer — but for me, it's the trio of the deep clean rinse, co-wash, and curl definer cream that has been a complete and total game changer for my routine.

All cruelty-free, vegan, and complete with a musky, woody scent (one I'm personally fond of), the Springsclean Deep Clean Rinse ($31) is a deep cleansing gel-rinse that was designed to support the natural curl shape and reduce frizz without stripping the hair of any life or moisture. It's something I use once a week on wash day, while I rely on the Heads Will Roll Co-Wash ($30) — a low-foam cleansing conditioner to cleanse on a more frequent basis throughout the week, after a workout or if I have a significant amount of build-up from my styling products. A little goes a long way with each, working them in at the scalp and then through my hair to the tip of each strand. They give my wet curls a true, buttery-soft finish — easily the healthiest my hair has felt in years.

When it comes to styling, the Total Recoil Curl Definer Cream ($29) holds my curls and delivers serious definition; like, just left the salon where a professional brought out each and every curl type of definition. I use this on damp hair every three days, after a cleanse or rinse, and am still shocked at the softness and hold it offers every time. Most importantly, it doesn't leave my hair crunchy or heavy at all — with a quick diffuser dry and a gentle shake, each strand gets its attention with serious high shine. Just like that, I have a hair routine.

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