Hourglass Cosmetics Equilibrium skincare line


What You Need to Know About the New Hourglass Cosmetics Skincare Line

Is the brand's skincare debut worth the splurge?

Hourglass Cosmetics is expanding on its skincare offering, unveiling a trio of new items that will further expand its Equilibrium Collection. Launching on January 26, the line's five total items are intended to serve as a reset button for your skin.

What It Is:

For the newly expanded Equilibrium Collection, Hourglass unveiled a Rebalancing Cream Cleanser ($52), Restoring Essence ($65), and a Hydrating Eye Balm ($95). The trio of new products join two already released serums, and together, the five items are intended to be used as a complete day and night routine.

Every item boasts what Hourglass Cosmetics refers to as its Cell Balancing Complex, a "blend of youth lipids (phospholipids and pro-lipids) that rebalances, renews, and repairs the skin barrier."

Who It's For:

Someone in need of an entire skincare routine would probably gravitate towards picking up every product, while individual products would be best purchased and tailored for specific skin needs. The Cleanser, free of sulfates, includes the featured ingredient, Agastache Mexicana Flower Extract, which locks in moisture.

The balm delivers eight hours of hydration and targets dark circles with a formula that includes a Hydration Barrier Complex, which is described as a shield of potent ingredients that improves skin’s moisture content to strengthen the skin barrier and smooth texture, as well as Cocoa Seed Extract, which improves elasticity and collagen production.

The Restoring Essence, which also comes with the Complex, features a Pollution Shield Complex, which is made of a trifecta of protective ingredients that helps shield the skin from environmental pollutants.

While all of these products sound great, as of yet, there's not a complete list of ingredients, only key items. Additionally, in listing out key ingredients, some items are described as a complex, shield, or extract, but the specifications of what comprise those complexes are not given.

Final Verdict:

The feel of each product is lightweight and smooth on the skin. The Cream Cleanser easily lathers, even with just a dime-sized application of product, while the Eye Balm seamlessly fades into the skin when applied. The serum is also not sticky or greasy. Used as my temporary nighttime routine, I did find that my skin didn't feel heavy or full of residue upon routine completion. My skin also felt softer, and didn't experience that post-wash drying out phase.

However, my packaging did not feature a complete list of ingredients. I'm hopeful that may change in the future, as I would prefer bottles with ingredients clearly labeled, as most often, consumers will likely recycle packaging upon opening. Additionally, the cleanser did seem to have a lightweight floral-inspired fragrance. It's not overpowering by any means, but it is there, and it did stick around for a bit.

Although the key ingredients and packaging are promising and beautiful, I think a line of this price range would do well to really highlight why the products are worth the splurge, especially when the skincare market features items for a variety of budgets. Now, more than ever, consumers are more conscious of what they're using, and at a time when platforms like TikTok and Instagram provide anyone with the platform to speak openly about skincare ingredients and concerns, it's particularly important that brands provide their consumers with as much information as possible.