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Angel Merino Wants You To Be Your Biggest Cheerleader

Angel Merino of Artist Couture talks self care, social media breaks, and Ariana Grande.

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Angel Merino is welcoming all that the New Year has to offer. The founder and CEO of Artist Couture is used to always going, but as he learned in 2020, sometimes it's best to take a moment to stop and smell the candles that your friend Jackie Aina has created.

More than 1.4 million Instagram followers tune in everyday to see what Merino is up to. His social media presence is as creative, open, and colorful as his Artist Couture creations, and while the recently released Club Daddyy collection will have to wait to be officially unveiled on the dance floor, Merino is happy to have this moment. As he told NYLON, there was a lot to be discovered about himself in 2020, including some new recipes.

Followers will have to stay tuned to see what Merino has planned for 2021, but in the meantime, he's taking his newfound love of self care into the New Year. He's also hoping that good things are in store for everyone, sharing his wishes for a year filled with refocusing and healing. "2020 was really hard mentally, emotionally, and physically for so many people and I hope that the coming months allow us to realign and find ourselves," he said.

Ahead, find out how self care, cooking, and Ariana Grande are currently inspiring Merino as he begins his 2021 journey.

With all that's happened over the last year, how are you looking after yourself and your mental health?

2020 was definitely a blessing in disguise for me. It allowed me to be still and open my eyes to the things that are truly important in my life. I've decided to make 2021 all about gratitude and self love.

I'm making it a point to do more things to show myself love, such as working out, meditating, and learning how to cook for myself (if you know me, you know I never cook). Practicing words of affirmation throughout the day has also helped me tremendously in my self love journey. I try to remind myself that I need to be my biggest cheerleader and best friend.

I also find that unplugging from social media and disconnecting from work enables me to be more present with myself which helps my mental health. I'm a work in progress, but overall I feel like I'm on the right track

What products have you been turning to the most during the past few months, and has staying at home changed your routine or product preferences in any way?

Staying home has allowed me to focus more on self care moments, and I mean that overall in experiences I create for myself, from candles to skincare. I definitely have more time for longer regimens that I can actually stick to.

I normally start off by lighting a candle fresh out of the shower. I really like the candles from my girl Jackie Aina's new brand FORVR MOOD. I normally pour myself a little wine (a new thing I picked up during quarantine) and do my skincare. I love my Special Cleansing Gel from Dermalogica, face oil from Augustinus Bader, Cloud Dew Moisturizer from Summer Fridays, Benefiance eye cream from Shiseido, and Watermelon Glow Mist from Glow Recipe.

What's the one product that you absolutely could not live without?

My Vita-C Eyes Dark Circle Corrector from Murad. It's one of the only products that has effectively helped my under-eye bags. With long work nights, it definitely is one of my holy grail products.

What kind of beauty trends should we expect, or do you hope to see in 2021?

I think we can expect to continue to see a more simple approach to makeup and the idea of "Zoom-ready" looks. I really miss high glam makeup looks, so I hope people will feel more inspired this year to tap into their creative side and create more colorful looks, even if we have nowhere to go.

Makeup has always been super therapeutic to me so I highly encourage everyone to take the time to sit down in front of your vanities with your favorite products and just play.

You recently created the Club Daddyy collection. When clubs reopen, what is the first song you want to hear?

The first song I want to hear is Ariana Grande's "34+35." She's really helped the entire world get through quarantine with all of the projects she released during 2020, and I can't wait to dance to her music with giant speakers blaring in the club.

What's been one of the most important lessons you've learned in your career, and what's your favorite part of your job?

You have to lead with love, kindness, and overall, be a genuine person. I've learned that when I'm the most authentic version of myself is when I'm the most successful. My favorite part of my job is connecting with other people and inspiring people to live their best, authentic lives.

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