8 Asian American Beauty Founders On Their Most Formative Beauty Lessons

"Beauty is not one size fits all"

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Behind each beauty product on your shelf is a story. There's a creator behind your favorite products, a person responsible for making your daily beauty routine a reality. To round out Asian-American Pacific Islander Heritage Month, NYLON chatted with some Asian-American beauty founders about their past, present, and future in the beauty industry, learning what shaped them, inspired their stories, and ultimately led to the creation of their companies.

Ahead, scroll through some of their stories. As you'll find, these masterminds of beauty have plenty of advice to share, including the importance of never leaving home without sunscreen.

Christine Chang and Sarah Lee, Co-Founders and Co-CEOs of Glow Recipe

What was your most formative beauty lesson growing up?

SL: Beauty was always a daily part of my routine. Growing up in Korea, my friends and I were so obsessed that after school, they would come over to my house for “Sarah Salon” treatments!

We would share fun DIY at-home hacks, try new products and simply enjoy all that beauty had to offer. It really shaped my passion and excitement for the industry. My mother was instrumental in this as she would instill strict skin care protocols growing up. Every time I came home from school, I would need to cleanse my face right away to get rid of the dirt from the day. When it came to her skin care, she was a no-nonsense woman, and now cleansing (for a full minute!) is my absolute favorite part of my routine.

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