10 Sculptural Beauty Brands That Are A Work Of Art

Turn your bathroom counter into a gallery.

The internet has a fascination with getting ready — so obsessed, in fact, that #GRWM (short for “get ready with me”) has over 163 billion views on TikTok. But while every shelfie or video is a peek into the artist’s supply kit, revealing the paints, powders, and creams at work behind the scenes, not all tools are created equal. In fact, we’re seeing beauty brands putting out products in which the packaging is as considered as the contents. Below, see 10 beauty brands that elevate the act of getting ready into a work of art itself.

Ever Amid

Nylon/Ever Amid

Ever Amid took six years to create their super skin-soothing formulas, so it’s fitting they only sell two products: the Ceremonial Protection Treatment, a does-everything balm that adds a soft glow to cheekbones, smooths brows or flyaways, and moisturizes lips; and the Nourishing Rouge Stain for lips and cheeks. It’s like The Row of beauty brands: minimal, chic, and hyper luxe. The only label is a logo discreetly etched into the bottom of the speckled eggshell-colored, hand-crafted porcelain pots. No two vessels are exactly the same.



Gezeiten’s unusual-looking creams look like smooth river rocks stacked in a Zen garden — a fitting design for a brand that’s intent on introducing balance to your skin-care routine. The symbiotic day and night formulas are meant to work in harmony with the body’s natural circadian rhythm, addressing stressors during the day and promoting cellular renewal at night. And once you’re hooked, the jar’s sculptural, wide design also makes it easy to refill and reuse.

Kindred Black

Nylon/Kindered Black

Kindred Black’s swirly, brightly colored glass bottles look like they belong in a fairytale apothecary. The bottles, made by artisan glass blowers, are all limited-edition and refillable with the brand’s serums or oils (or just put them on display). Everything is meant to be applied with a glass dabber so you feel like a fancy high priestess every time you put them on.



Design house Loewe is known for combining luxury minimalism with playful colors and silhouettes, and their home fragrance line is no exception. Their statuesque candle vessels are worthy home decor even if they didn’t also provide up to 80 hours of luxury home fragrance. The elevated homegrown scents — including tomato leaf, honeysuckle, and cucumber — all smell incredible.



Early on, Harry Styles’ Pleasing established its look with curated nail polish collections in bottles that look like high-design chess pieces. Most recently, the brand introduced a fragrance category, featuring three scents that dance and swivel back and forth on your vanity, thanks to the bottles’ rounded bases. Aesthetically pleasing, indeed.



Each hourglass-shaped bottle of Vyrao perfume is made to help manifest positive emotions like self love, courage, or joy. Set your intentions every time you go for a spritz, and the Herkimer diamond crystal inside amplifies your energy and that of the juice, according to the brand. Witchy Woo is one of their top scents, but each one has the ability to cast a spell.



Herbar’s psychedelic aesthetic coordinates with the brand’s mushroom-heavy, adaptogenic ingredient list. Our favorite is the “Gua Shroom,” a toadstool-mushroom-shaped face massaging tool that’s impossible to resist with all its Mario Bros. charm.The line also touts a Face Oil and a Face Nectar (like a serum), which are meant to adapt to your skin’s unique imbalances to improve hydration, look, and texture. The third skin care offering is a glow-inducing supplement housed in a groovy heart-shaped ceramic box.

Simihaze Beauty

Nylon/Simihaze Beauty

Brought to you by DJs and twin sisters Simi and Haze Khadra, this makeup line is like a cool, well-cultivated setlist. Nothing is “just another” lipstick or cream blush. The puffy packaging in poppy shades like alien green and candy pink makes every product look totally unique.



When fragrance powerhouse Byredo launched a makeup line in 2020, they were already known for their minimalist white labels, sans serif font, and domed black caps. It would make sense for the makeup to follow suit, but instead, they created palm-sized, five-pan eyeshadow palettes encased in opulent chrome clamshells, and lipstick and mascara tubes with a whimsical curve meant to mimic the shape of bamboo. Everything is designed to make you want to reach out and grab it — we also can’t help but love how the lipsticks close with the most delightfully satisfying magnetic click.



INCORP’s essential-oil aromatherapy scents are intended to stimulate our sense of smell to help align the mind, body, and spirit. The three metaphysically inspired scents, appropriately named “I”, “You”, and “We,” are each available in either a metallic, molten-lava-like bottle or a delicate vial pendant on a chain. Available only in limited-edition quantities (200 bottles and 1000 vials of each fragrance), Incrop’s perfumes are essentially numbered art pieces.