Beautycounter Debuted Its First Clean And Refillable Deodorant

Meet The Clean Deo.

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Since its launch in 2013, Beautycounter has worked towards a future where clean beauty is the only beauty with each and every launch — and its latest addition continues to walk the brand closer towards that mission. On Tuesday, January 12, Beautycounter debuted the Clean Deo, its first-ever deodorant offering that also marks the release of the brand's first refillable product.

Available for $28, the Clean Deo was designed to do what most would expect from a deodorant but can rarely ever find in a clean and aluminum-free option — from neutralizing body odor, absorbing sweat, and leaving no chunky white residue behind.

"There is a misconception that clean deodorant doesn’t work, so we set out to develop a formula that challenged that premise while also delivering sustainable packaging," Lindsay Dahl, SVP of Social Mission at Beautycounter, shared with NYLON over email. "Fighting odor was our biggest development concern, and after five years, we feel like we finally landed on a clean formula that works to our high standards of product performance."

Al three scent options.Courtesy of Beautycounter

According to Dahl, one of the ways the brand was able to deliver on the Clean Deo actually fighting against odor was fragrance. "We’re proud to fully disclose all fragrance ingredients, an uncommon practice in the deodorant category," she shared. For launch, the deodorant is available in three scents: clean rose, fresh coconut, and soft lavender — each crafted with essential oils and naturally derived fragrances only.

When it comes to the refillable packaging, Beautycounter knew it was an important decision given just how frequently the average deodorant user runs through the product, and by doing so, it cut the product's water, fossil fuel, and greenhouse gas emissions by an estimated 47 percent.

"We have more refillable products in our product pipeline, which will help us respond to consumer demand and fulfill our bold sustainable packaging goals," said Dahl. "By 2025 we want 100 percent of our packaging to be recyclable, recycled, refillable, or compostable."

Shop the Clean Deo for $28 — and $18 for every refill after the initial purchase — straight from

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