The Benefit’s new Wanderful Blush Collection


We Tried Benefit’s Newly Revamped Box Blushes — Here Are Our Honest Reviews

“This might have made me a powder blush convert.”

You’d be hard pressed to find a millennial or a Gen Z makeup-wearer who hasn’t come into contact with at least one of Benefit’s iconic products along their beauty journey. Hoola Bronzer, Benetint Cheek & Lip Stain, and Goof Proof Brow Pencil are all well-known staples and favorites in many a beauty bag, YouTube video, and TikTok.

Also well-loved in the Benefit product roster are Benefit’s Box O’ Powder blushes. In their colorful little boxes with cute, coordinating brushes inside, the blushes were pretty, poppy, and, perhaps most notably, adorable. However, as of today, May 17, those blushes are getting a total makeover. Lucky for us, Benefit knows if you’re going to reformulate and rerelease an iconic product, the new version has to make everyone forget what came before. So R.I.P. Dallas (the rosy bronze shade) and Georgia (the original peachy shade) you served us well, but we’re ready for what’s new. Enter: Benefit’s new Wanderful Blush Collection.

Now, I must admit I counted myself in the group that threw out the little square brush that came in the original Benefit blush box as soon as I opened it, in favor of using rounder, fluffier brushes, so I was especially intrigued to hear that removing the brush would be a key point of the relaunch. But as it turns out, the new formulas and shades had even more to offer.

Fast Facts:

  • Brand: Benefit
  • Price: $29
  • Shade Range: 12 shades featuring pinks, berries, oranges, and bronzes.
  • What’s New?: Every blush shade in the collection is new with the exception of cult-favorite shade Dandelion (a light pink, highlighting blush). The packaging has been upgraded to reduce waste; the new boxes are now made with 20 percent less paper than the previous ones and the square brush and plastic cover have been eliminated. The new boxes are wider and thinner which helps accommodate different brushes. The formulas have also been improved for a more buttery, blendable texture, longer wear, and an an airbrushed finish.
  • Where can you buy? As of May 17 the blushes will be available at and they’ll be in retailer stores on 5/26

Sam Neibart, Beauty Editor

Courtesy of Sam Neibart
Shade: Terra

What did you like about the Benefit blush?

As I always used the original box blushes with a different brush than the one that came with it anyway, I instantly took to the wider, flatter box and Benefit’s new retractable brush. I tried the Terra shade because I love a sunburn red blush, especially in the summer, and this one really worked for me. The blush played nicely with the dewy tinted moisturizer that I wear most days and the powder didn't dull that glowy skin look I’m always going for. In fact, the slightly luminous (but not sparkly) finish was really lovely and made me feel great going without highlighter.

How does it compare to other blushes you’ve tried?

It was super pigmented, but easy to blend and build, which I love because it makes the one shade much more versatile and I can get a few different looks out of it. Sometimes with other powders I've had to really work it in order to get the amount of color payoff I like to see.

Would you wear it again?

Yes! I also have been wearing Shellie which is a more subtle warm pink when I'm not going for a blush-forward look and it delivers with the same blendable and buildable formula.

Final Verdict:

You can consider me a fan of this new blush collection. From the cute (and now less clunky) packaging, to the super pigmented colors, and glowy finish, I’m totally impressed. At almost $30, the price might seem a bit high, but trust, I think you could go quite some time without ever hitting pan.

About Me:

I’m the Beauty Editor at NYLON, and as part of my job I am constantly playing with and testing out new products. I’ve been working in beauty writing for over six years and in that time I’ve personally tried and used an uncountable number of different beauty products including everything from skincare to hair care to makeup and devices. I am also a particularly enthusiastic makeup wearer, so I’m always most excited to test out new color cosmetics. For this review, I also asked a few other NYLON editors and writers take the new blushes out for a spin and try out some more shades.

Steffanee Wang, Associate Music Editor

Courtesy of Steffanee Wang
Shade: Crystah

What did you like about the Benefit blush?

Texturally, it's great. They are so pigmented and silky! They were also extremely easy to apply. I don't even own a blush brush and it worked fine with my fingers. Overall, it was super easy to work with the product. There isn't a steep learning curve, and the colors I picked on a whim turned out to be very flattering. The included mirror is also a nice plus.

How does it compare to other blushes you’ve tried?

The only blush I've really tried was a liquid-y cream blush, which I've found to be difficult to apply evenly and keep from looking splotchy and streaky. I was really surprised to notice how easy it was to blend Benefit's blush out with my fingers and make it look smooth, not patchy.

Would you wear it again?

I'd definitely wear this blush again, and maybe try concentrating the color more on my cheeks. I'm definitely open to trying more shades.

Bria McNeal, Entertainment Writer

Courtesy of Bria McNeal
Shade: Pompom

What did you like about the Benefit blush?

The texture is so silky and blendable! The product layered really nicely over my foundation and gave my cheeks a nice pop of color. Also, it smells like pomegranate. It’s earned a permanent spot in my makeup bag!

How does it compare to other blushes you’ve tried?

I feel like powder blushes usually fade pretty quickly, but this one held up throughout the day. I’m usually team liquid or cream blush, but this product surprised me. The powder was long-lasting, bendable, and natural looking.

Would you wear it again?

Definitely! I was really happy to see they extended the shade range, so I’m excited to play with the other color options.

Laura Pitcher, Beauty Writer

Courtesy of Laura Pitcher
Shade: Crystah

What did you like about the Benefit blush?

The texture allows for smooth application, which I appreciate! It also feels lightweight and soft on my skin.

How does it compare to other blushes you’ve tried?

I'm a big fan of liquid blush because I love the shine, but I'm impressed with the durability of this powder blush.

Would you wear it again?

This is a great product for anyone looking for a powder blush that feels great and has buildable pigment. However, this shade was far too bright for my liking as I like a softer blush look. I'd wear this product again when I'm going for a bolder look. I also love how versatile it is, so would continue to use it as an eyeshadow also!

India Roby, Fashion Writer

Courtesy of India Roby
Shade: Butterfly

What did you like about the Benefit blush?

I've never tried orange blush before as I worried it wouldn't match well with my yellow undertone, but I'm surprised at how cute it turned out! The blush was pigmented and buildable for whatever coverage I wanted to wear for the day. It gives me a very subtle, yet still noticeable, finish.

How does it compare to other blushes you’ve tried?

I usually opt for liquid blushes, but recently I've been using more powder-based ones since it's getting more humid out and I like to be as matte as possible. What I like about Benefit's blush was that the consistency was so easy to build for whatever look I was feeling for the day. I also think that I tend to overuse and spill liquid blushes (darn those squeezy tubes!), so it's nice to have more control over my makeup. And the packaging is super adorable, too!

Would you wear it again?

Yes! I'm going to wear the orange blush going forward, especially since we're heading into summer. I really liked using Benefit's blush, so much that I wore one of its other shades, Moone, for my birthday, since berry tones are always my go-to.

Faith Xue, Executive Beauty Director

Courtesy of Faith Xue
Shade: Shellie

What did you like about the Benefit blush?

I love the packaging — it's so cheery and sleek and makes me happy — and I love how smooth and easily blendable the powder formula is. The color was a bit brighter than what I'd normally use, but I liked that it instantly melted into my skin and gave me a flushed-from-within, shimmer-free look. It's been a long time since I've used a powder blush, so I needed a few attempts to get the sheer, even flush I wanted. The brush it came with made it easy to blend the blush in, and then I tapped it in further with my fingers for a diffused effect. Also, I loved the way this blush smells!

How does it compare to other products you tried?

I usually wear cream or gel blush because powder blushes can look chalky and I like a dewy finish, but this might have made me a powder blush convert!

Would you wear it again?

Yes, I'd definitely wear this again and would try a softer color next time for an everyday look.