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10 Best At-Home Beauty Devices & Treatments 2024

Fluffy robe and slippers optional.

by NYLON Editors
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We’re firm believers in indulging in the Everything Shower. Give us all the fancy soaps, scrubs, and salves — we’ll execute every single step of the extensive shower ritual while we listen to Charli XCX’s Brat in peace for the hundredth time. Life can be incredibly chaotic, so we might as well turn an everyday act into a simple pleasure, right?

Our at-home beauty routines deserve to level-up, too. Ahead, NYLON staffers and our panel of guest judges divulge the best products for turning any home into a five-star spa. These ultra-soothing, ultra-luxurious products will cater to you from head to toe, from indulgent face masks to tools and devices that are actually legit (read: not gimmicky at all).

Keep scrolling to find a skin-firming LED treatment and Korean cryofacial-like sheet mask that get to work while you unwind after a long day of slaying (and if that means wearing a mask while TikTok scrolling, no judgment). Ahead, see the winners of NYLON’s Beauty Hit List for the best at-home spa products.

The High-Tech Face Mask

The Sweet-Smelling Scrub

The Luxe Body Wash

The Skin-Tightening Wand

The Skin Refresher

The Under-Eye Brightener

The Soothing Body Lotion

The Facial Replacement

The Skin Treat

The Face Sculptor