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15 Gifts For Anyone Going Through A Holiday Season Breakup

Presents make everything a little bit better.

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As much as cheesy made-for-TV movies want us to believe that the holidays are a magical time for love to flourish, we know that in the real world, the festive season often leads to end-of-the-year breakups. Whether someone is dealing with a long-term relationship coming to an end, or a situationship that wasn’t meant to last the winter, it might be a painful time for your newly single friend. Not to mention thinking about facing the emotional minefield of questions from nosy family members and trying to figure out New Year’s Eve plans.

We know that material items can’t solve all your problems, but a thoughtful gift, no matter how small, can go a long way towards helping someone feel loved and appreciated. Consider giving something comforting, personal, or maybe just distracting as chicken soup for the heartsick soul. Ahead, here are 15 gift ideas for your friend who’s nursing a broken heart over the holidays.