Skai Jackson Has A New Feel-Good Signature Scent

Cacharel Parfums and the actress co-hosted a party in Los Angeles to celebrate the launch of Yes I Am Bloom Up!

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Last week, Cacharel Parfums announced actress, author, and activist Skai Jackson as the face of its latest fragrance, Yes I am Bloom Up! Known for her role as Zuri Ross in the Disney Channel sitcom Jessie, and its sequel Bunk'd, Jackson began acting at the age of five. She’s since become a prominent Gen Z voice, publishing Reach for the Skai: How to Inspire, Empower, and Clapback in 2019, being chosen as one of Time Magazine's Most Influential Teens and reaching the semi-finals on the U.S. edition of Dancing with the Stars. On Wednesday, February 23, Jackson and the French luxury brand co-hosted a party in Los Angeles, celebrating the launch of the new fragrance with DJ Brittany Sky.

Cacharel says that Jackson and the brand share “core values” that align, including the brand’s efforts to promote diversity and women’s empowerment. The Yes I Am Bloom Up! fragrance is a scent that comes as an open invitation to “say yes” and celebrate self-elevation and optimism. This is close to Jackson’s own personal approach to navigating her success at just 20 years old. “I always like to be in positive spirits, whether that means writing in my journal or hanging out with friends that put me in a good mood,” she told NYLON. “People go through things and our moods get down, and that’s okay, but it’s about always finding something to lift that up.”

Yes I Am Bloom Up! is a feel-good fragrance for women with floral and fruity notes. Jackson herself is a fan of having a signature scent, which she says includes the latest scent and Yes I Am Glorious because it smells like peaches. “I love to pick something that I’m used to and never mix up a whole bunch of fragrances,” she says. “I like people to know me from either one or two scents.” In amongst a sea of viral TokTok fragrances, the concept of having a “signature scent” has regained popularity recently online.

Jackson says that becoming the face of the brand has meant “everything” to her. “I love what that they stand for, and it aligns with everything that I align with in life,” she explains. Jackson has long been a fragrance fan and beauty enthusiast, posting skincare and makeup videos on her YouTube channel. The new collaboration further cements her role in the beauty industry and — with a role in an upcoming thriller, The Man in the White Van, set to release later this year — we can expect to see a lot more of Jackson (and her latest signature scent) in the near future.

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