10 Capricorn-Inspired Nail Art Ideas For The Ambitious Season

Manifest For the new year a manicure inspired by the high-achieving sign.

Capricorns possess a quality that you’d also hope for in your nails—strength. The ambitious earth sign enjoys the finer things in life and also is willing to put in the effort to get what they want. For manicures, this means long hours at the salon are no deterrent to Capricorns, if it means getting the perfect set.

Heading into the new year with the grounding and determined energy of the goat, now’s the time to set your intentions for 2023. Ahead, a range of Capricorn-inspired manicures to set you off on the right foot.

Dark Green Aura Nails

These moody green aura nails are perfect for an effortless holiday manicure.

Earthy Tones

Celebrate your inner earth sign with this varied neutral toned manicure.

Seashell Nails

These pink, white, and silver shell nails have a soft organic vibe.

Giraffe Print

Brown manicures are a chic way to winterize your wardrobe and connect to your earth sign within.

Metal Mani

This mixed metal 3D manicure signifies strength.

Green Goth Nails

This pointed green and black manicure strikes the perfect balance of earthy and goth.

Winter White

Lean into the cold weather aesthetic with these snowy white nails—perfect for the holidays.

Tree Tones

Why choose one earth tone when you can have both? This set brings together bark and leaves for a fun and versatile manicure.

Soft Red

This blurry red manicure with gold and silver detailing packs a subtle punch.

Olive French Tips

Level up your French manicure with olive green tips and a thin silver band.

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