Zola Ganzigort


20 Festive Ideas For Chic and Cheerful Holiday Nails

Glitter finishes, plaid patterns, colorful French tips, and more.

The best thing about needing to update your manicure every two to four weeks, is that you get to enjoy a fresh look for nearly every occasion of the year. And what time is more fun, festive, and sparkly than the winter holidays? If you’re wondering what manicure you want to have on your fingertips curling up around your mug of hot cocoa heading into the last week of the year, look no further.

We have gathered up tk nail looks for those who always like have the best set in the room, but also aren’t against participating in a little holiday fun. No ugly sweater aesthetic manicure ideas here. From candy cane inspired French tips, to grown up glitter, and festive plaid, here are tk holiday nail ideas that are so chic, you’ll still love them on December 26th.

Holiday Nail Idea #1: North Pole Nails

Give a classic French or winter white manicure a snowy spin by adding polar bear faces or frosted accents.

Holiday Nail Idea #2: Candy Cane French Tips

Swap a candy cane red shade for your classic white French Tips and you’ll have the perfect mani to coordinate with your holiday-ready crimson lipstick.

Holiday Nail Idea #3: Black Christmas

Scrooge what everyone may have to say, gothic black is always appropriate, especially with the addition of contrasting stars.

Holiday Nail Idea #4: Gingerbread Friends

A holiday classic cookie offers a very on-trend neutral color palette for a manicure that looks sweet enough to eat.

Holiday Nail Idea #5: Over-the-top Ornaments

Decorate your tips like your Christmas tree will shimmering baubles, balls, and ornaments on every finger.

Holiday Nail Idea #6: Evergreens

Red is the more powerful and used of the Christmas colors, so go for the unexpected with a pine-inspired mani in a shade of emerald green.

Holiday Nail Idea #7: Cozy Plaids & Knits

Even if you don’t live in a place that gets to experience snow and sweater weather in December, you can get in on the look with seasonal patterned nails. Go for cable knit textures and strong tartan plaids to get all the cozy vibes.

Holiday Nail Idea #8: Starry Nights

Like the stars light up the sky, these metallic designs add a just the right touch of shine to an otherwise simple background.