Cardi B
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Cardi B Went Makeup Free To Share A Message On Self Confidence

She addressed the trolls.

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Fans are used to seeing Cardi B at her most extravagant, but she went makeup-free for a new Instagram video, detailing her journey with self-confidence. On Tuesday, February 9, Cardi B shared a video that she shot only 20 minutes after waking up. Explaining that she hadn't even brushed her hair yet, the rapper went on to address attempts by others to take women down that choose not to wear makeup.

Beginning the clip, she responds to videos and pictures that others have posted of her without makeup. She notes that the video she's sharing currently is truly her without no makeup. "No filter. You can see all the little blemishes on my face," she notes.

She continues, saying, "I feel good. Every single time a b*tch is feeling good...y'all try and put her confidence down. That don't work on me anymore." She reiterates that she feels comfortable in her skin, that she's happy, and that attempts to bring down her self confidence with sans-makeup pictures won't work.

Her message resulted in an outpouring of support. Chloe Bailey responded with "you look beautiful," Jordin Sparks left a few clapping emojis, while fans commended Cardi for the message. "Cardi is such a real one. Glad you posted this," one person wrote.

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