Cardi B, wearing a white jacket and matching hat
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A Lot Of Wigs Went Into Cardi B's Interview Magazine Cover

Take a peek into the process.

In what once seemed like an impossible task for the unofficial queen of incredible hair, Cardi B has truly outdone herself. The rapper is currently sporting a pink pixie cut, but prior to the spring-ready makeover, she was glammed up, donning multiple wigs for her recent Interview cover.

Take a scroll through Cardi B's most memorable beauty moments, and you'll note that wigs are an essential in her daily wardrobe. From blunt bangs to rainbow-hued streaks, she's tried it all. However, her latest major moment in hair featured six (!) wigs.

On Tuesday, February 24, Cardi shared a few images from her Interview spread. The cover is particularly noteworthy, as she paired golden Balenciaga boots with some gorgeous curls. To get them, Cardi B wore multiple wigs. Sharing an Instagram video, she detailed the exact process required of creating her cover glam, writing: "This was 6 WIGS IN ONE !!!! This was 6 wigs together. @tokyostylez you did that. Sooo nope we didn’t use 30 bundles we used 6 wigs."

In the accompanying video, Stylez is captured artfully stacking and sewing the wigs. Cardi B is unfazed by what looks to be a lengthy process — or the apparent weight of wearing six wigs — and spends much of the video singing, and counting the addition of each new hair piece.

The cover look was accompanied by an intricate updo, which Stylez also created. As for her makeup, Cardi B teamed up with Erika La' Pearl, and wore a number of products from Pat McGrath and Anastasia Beverly Hills. For one set of images, Cardi B matched her eyelashes to a red vintage couture gown from Mugler.