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10 Celebs Who Will Convince You To Get A Septum Piercing

Put a ring on it.

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The septum piercing has had many different lives and iterations, from its origins in Native American tribes and in cultures in India, Nepal and Tibet, to its big resurgence in the ’80s punk scene. Now, we’re seeing the piercing crop up on the noses of Hollywood’s glamorous insiders. They’re even being spotted more and more frequently on the red carpet, pointing to a wider scope of acceptance for the formerly rebellion-signifying piercing. Recently, Florence Pugh took to her Instagram to share her new septum piercing (and the fact that she fainted in the process), but the ultimate result was worth it as she looks incredibly cool with the new adornment.

Do you dare to embellish your nose with the piercing du jour? Ahead, here are 10 celebrities who will convince you to get you to get a septum piercing.

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Janet Jackson

Here, a rare spotting of Janet Jackson sporting a septum ring in 1997.