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Charlotte Tilbury Wants to Give You Supermodel Eyebrows

The brand’s newest eyebrow products are finally here.

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Eyebrows are one of the most attention-grabbing features for any face. While plenty of us wish we could wake up with perfectly plucked and filled-in brows, most of the time it’s just not achievable — take it from this beauty writer who hasn’t had her eyebrows serviced in over a year. Luckily, Charlotte Tilbury is launching a new slew of eyebrow products to help get the brows of your dreams.

Released on Thursday March 25th, the beauty brand launched two new products — the Brow Cheat and the Brow Fix — as well as new and improved formulas of the brand’s much loved Brow Lift and Legendary Brows. Tilbury has been creating iconic eyebrow looks to the stars for quite some time now, making her a bonafide brow expert; the longtime makeup artist has created a 3-step method to give bold and beautiful supermodel-like brows.

“Fill, feather, and fix,” is what you need to do, Tilbury says. In contingent with the brand’s revised products, the new brow pencils and gel will give you supermodel-esque brows. “I developed my signature Supermodel Brow throughout my 28 year career as makeup artist to supermodels and stars. I would have celebrity clients in my makeup chair that needed instantly fuller looking brows on demand,” Tilbury said in an official statement. “It’s unlike any other brow shape because it’s full, fluffy, feathered, and fixed. It’s a modern, flattering brow shape that stays in place all day and will suit everyone! I always say, ‘lift your brows, lift the look of your face!’”

According to Tilbury, lifting your brows is all about creating a shape and structure to define your natural brow hairs. The New Brow Cheat Micro Precision Pencil offers a point-like pencil tip that is meant to mimic natural eyebrow hairs to create a fuller brow — especially if you happen to have thin, sparse, or unruly brows. The new and improved Brow Lift Pencil is also great for filling in your brows, with a new formulation of Carnauba wax for smooth application, vitamin E to hydrate and condition your brow hairs with every wear, plus other moisturizing properties. Additionally, both pencils now have refills available to buy for $15 once your original runs out.

Next is feathering to add texture to create those extra hair-like fibers to your brows. The brand-favorite Legendary Brows is the product you’re going to want to pick up just for that. This micro precision tinted brow gel was created to coat and define every hair, while making it quick and easy to add both color and texture to your brows. The new formula consists of vitamin E, castor oil, and natural pigments.

Lastly, Tilbury says you have to “fix” your brows to keep them in supermodel shape. The brand’s new Brow Fix is meant to do just that. The clear brow gel is all about keeping your brow shape in place all day long. “It’s a long-lasting 24h clear brow gel with a silk thread brow fixing formula for elasticity and gloss,” Tilbury shared in a statement. All of these products can either work together for the ultimate Supermodel brow look, or separately for a more subtle or natural look.

Charlotte Tilbury’s latest Supermodel Brow products are now available on and range in price from $23 - $30. Get a closet look at the new products below.

Courtesy of Charlotte Tilbury
Courtesy of Charlotte Tilbury
Courtesy of Charlotte Tilbury

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