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Chillhouse’s Newest Products Focus On Your Face and Body

The self-care brand is branching out beyond nails.

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Chillhouse is the latest beauty brand to embrace innovation. Many companies in the beauty industry have stepped out of their comfort zones recently, moving beyond namesake products into brand new identities. As for Chillhouse, it’s ready to embrace self-care.

On Tuesday, March 23, the brand further lived up to its mission as the “authority of modern self-care,” releasing its debut skin and body-care products. While body and face oils are established staples in the beauty realm, the brand curated and designed these products with the intention of adding some ease and joy to your at-home spa routine.

Featured in the March launch is the Have a Chill Day Illuminating Face Oil, the Have a Chill Day Illuminating Body Oil Mist, the Have a Chill Night Restorative Face Oil, and the Have a Chill Night Restorative Body Oil Mist. The expertly designed oils are intended for use in the morning or at night, and the clean ingredients and refined scents are meant to bring a bit of happiness to your daily beauty routine.

When used together, the face oils promote overall improvement to the skin. The Have a Chill Day face oil — made with natural essential oils and squalane — is said to aid in producing a balanced, silky complexion, while promoting long-lasting hydration and cell turnover. Its counterpart, the Have a Chill Night face oil, is formulated with capric triglyceride, which is combined with natural oils and extracts to help reduce signs of aging, redness, and irritation.

“For us, skincare, particularly when it comes to oils and relaxation, has been a huge part of our DNA. People walk out of the majority of our services glowing via our massages and facials,” Cyndi Fulton-Ramirez told NYLON. “We wanted to extend that experience into homes everywhere by formulating products that do just that. Chill Oils are mood-setting, everyday essentials that minimize routines and maximize rituals. The collection is the equivalent of a spa experience in a bottle form.”

Oils come with subtle fragrance notes that are suitable for all skin types, Fulton-Ramirez said. While the day oils carry notes of calabrian bergamot nutmeg, ginger root, patchouli, ylang-ylang flower, and geranium leaf, the night oils feature hints of sweet orange, cedarwood, and patchouli.

Don’t expect this to be the last of Chillhouse innovations: Fulton-Ramirez hinted at future releases, telling NYLON, “We are currently formulating products in the ingestible wellness category, as well. In the future, you can expect more ritual-setting skincare, as well as bath and body. Long-term, Chillhouse will take over your Chillhome in many forms. Just watch.”

Get a closer look at the new products and campaign, below.

Courtesy of Chillhouse
Courtesy of Chillhouse
Courtesy of Chillhouse
Courtesy of Chillhouse

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