“Clown Lips” Are Trending On TikTok, And They’ll Make You Look Like A Bratz Doll

Joker lip-liner, anyone?

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Earlier this year, Gen Z officially declared the cupid’s bow as over on TikTok. Videos showing people using lipliner to round the shape of their top lip or even using glue to make it look bigger, revealed the new aesthetic. Now, there’s a new lip shape taking over: Clown Lips. It’s just about as surreal as you imagine. To get the look, you draw past your lip line and the corners of your mouth creating turned up points to accentuate the shape of your lips.

While there’s no denying the uncanny (and slightly creepy) resemblance to clowns, it’s also heavily reminding us of Bratz lips, which are a categorically very pouty, punctuated with dark liner and upturned corners. This comes as little surprise since Bratz dolls (which turned 20 years old this past May) have increasingly reflected new beauty standards far past their launch, including “globalized” features with almond eyes are full lips. The hashtag #BratzMakeup has already been trending for a while, with over 80 million views on TikTok alone. So feel free put these clown lips tutorials to use for whatever Halloween costume you personally see fit.

Another clown lips tutorial on TikTok lists the Joker and drag queens, including Crystal Methyd, as inspiration references for the exaggerated pointed shape achieved with lip liner. Since ’90s contrasting lip liner has been having a moment for some time, it’s might not be too be of a stretch to see clown lips as a modernized, and perhaps twisted, version of the nostalgic trend. Another TikTok video claimed the style as part of the e-girl aesthetic.

Whether you’re drawing inspiration from the e-girls, Bratz dolls, or literal clowns, it’s evident that your lip liner doesn’t have to stop where the edge of your mouth does anymore (if you’re daring). Some people are even using eyeliner for a more dramatic look, although we’d recommend sticking to lip products. Depending on how far you take it, the results are perfect for a Halloween makeup look or to give your everyday lip look a darker vibe.

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