The Brand Behind The Viral Under-Eye Masks Is Launching A New Moisturizer

Cult favorite beauty brand Dieux Skin is adding to their highly anticipated skincare repertoire.

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People have been posting their face masks on social media for years, but beauty brand Dieux Skin cracked the code with the release of their extremely Instagram-able Forever Eye Masks with their logo included in the design. The product went viral on TikTok and Instagram, with Hailey Bieber giving her social media stamp of approval. The reusable eye patches—that hold gels, serums, and creams close to the skin for maximum absorption—became a cult favorite beauty product almost overnight. Now, the brand has released the newest addition to their skincare line, a moisturizer called “Instant Angel”.

Instant Angel is available for preorder now, with US shipping starting from February 28. It’s a “deeply moisturizing” and nourishing face cream that supports and repairs skin while giving an ethereal glow. The ingredient list includes a blend of phytosterols, free fatty acids, and squalane for long-lasting hydration reminiscent of the beloved creams found at French pharmacies. The result, the brand says, “is an un-fragranced rich moisturizer that feels like silk without leaving the tell-tale residue of a richer cream.”

Courtesy of Dieux Skin

All three founders of Dieux wanted a moisturizer that was “rich but not heavy, didn’t sensitize the skin but repaired it, would work well with makeup without having a dry face at the end of the day and kept skin dewy all day for under $50”. At a $45 price point available exclusively on Dieux Skin, it looks like they’ve achieved their mission, in recyclable aluminum packaging which includes a tube squeeze to get every last drop out (we’re guessing you’ll want to).

Dieux’s new moisturizer adds to their repertoire of skincare products, including their Deliverance serum and Awakening Hand Sanitizer. Like their viral eye masks, their skincare products often sell out, meaning you’ll want to jump on the pre-order bandwagon to try their newest moisterizor. Unlike the eye masks, however, there’s no branded prop to show off on social media, meaning the skincare results will have to speak for themselves.

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