DJ Kitty Cash at the Glamour Woman of the Year 2016 red carpet with a hairdo with a lot of bobby pin...
Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images


DJ Kitty Cash’s Latest Hairdo Is On Point

So, that’s where all of our bobby pins went

You might want to start keeping a closer eye on your ever-dwindling supply of bobby pins because it looks like you won't just be needing them for flyaways—you'll be wanting them to make a statement. On Monday night, at the 2016 Glamour Women of the Year Event in Los Angeles, DJ Kitty Cash, who provided the tunes for the night, hit the red carpet with the hairstyling tool on full display. Her sleek, dark hair contrasted with the arrangement of gold bobby pins proved to be quite the showstopper. It looks like flaunting, rather than hiding (and repeatedly poking at your scalp in the process), your bobby pins may be the latest trend in hair.

Celebrity Hairstylist Nikki Nelms, whose clients include Zoë Kravitz, Janelle Monáe, and Solange to name a few, is the mastermind behind Cash's halo of bobby pins. Much to our surprise, Nelms informed us that she actually prepared the hairstyle the night before the award show, due to a scheduling conflict. This means that Cash went to bed and literally woke up like that. A feat in and of itself, given that when we wake up in the morning, our hair is anything but red carpet ready. So, how did she do it? 

With a little help from Sebastian Shaper Hairspray and some ultra-affordable pins from H&M, Nelms created a look that she describes as "unintentional glam." However, this wasn't her first time working with exposed pins. Around three years ago, she tried the look on Kelly Rowland (this time with a ponytail as an added touch), and after realizing how well the look kept throughout the day, she knew it was just what Cash needed for her big night. 

Before busting out the bobby pins, Nelms gave Cash a fresh trim and a brush blowout. She followed that up by softly running a flat iron through her hair. It seems like a pretty straightforward process, but Nelms says the key to achieving (and maintaining) this look is the placement of the pins. "The junkier the better," says Nelms. "Then, if they mess it up, it looks intentional." Placing the pins across your head in a random, although completely strategic, and slightly zigzagged fashion is what keeps the style young and trendy instead of neat and formal, Nelms explains. 

It seems like now is as good a time as ever to confront your roommate about stealing your bobby pins and give this look a try. It might take a minute or two to get your crown of bobby pins looking as cool as Nelms made Cash's look, but it'll be totally worth it.