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Dua Lipa is Predicting Graffiti Hair As A New Trend For Spring

Blonde Dua was back (for a day).

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If you’re a Dua Lipa fan, you’ll remember that she was iconically two-toned blonde for a while in 2020. Rocking her natural black hair since then, Dua recently gave us a throwback to the look with a new addition—platinum blonde hair clip-ins. Over the weekend, Dua posted the Instagram picture showing off her hair while lying down in a pink bikini, captioning it “rise n shine.” Fans immediately noticed the throwback to her old hairstyle, commenting “the blonde is back” and “blondie hair for the tour?”

Since the 26-year-old star has since posted two more photos on Instagram with her usual dark locks, it’s safe to assume the blonde pieces were fun clip-in accessories (rather than an actual bleach job). They do, however, indicate a new trend set for spring: graffiti hair. Dua’s accent blonde pieces are custom colored with airbrushed orange hearts and splashes of neon green.

“Graffiti” hair or patterned hair has been gaining momentum recently thanks to wig artists like Eda Lee, who creates colorful hair patterns for clip-in use. From horizontal stripes to full-blown starburst patterns and even words much of the hype around graffiti hair has been editorial, but Dua’s more muted take, (and temporary hair pieces) are likely to inspire others to consider the colorful trend for a more day-to-day use.

Alongside another growing hair trend—the shaved head—painted and patterned buzzcut hair art was on the rise last year, with graffiti hair designs on longer hair being the natural progression. Artists like Janina Zais went viral for their patterned buzzcut designs and Evan Mock from the Gossip Girl reboot garnered attention for his cool pink buzzcut. Both of these color trends are in line with the greater general trend of people being more experimental with unconventional hair colors and patterns in 2022. We’re definitely seeing chunky highlights and bright colors on the horizon.

While you might not want to opt for the graffiti hair trend on your own tresses at this time, Dua offers up an easier way to wear the look with her color customized temporary blonde clip-ins. The fun trend is a good opportunity to try out temporary hairpieces or temporary hair color spray for the more artistically inclined. And while she may not have committed back to her blonde look just yet, we hope to see Dua’s new graffiti hair make another appearance.

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