Duck Nails: The Trend No One Saw Coming

This throwback nail shape is dividing the internet.

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From Crocs to dad shoes and bucket hats to fanny packs, controversial trends have long made a home in fashion but the beauty industry usually continues to strive to be, well, beautiful. This isn’t necessarily the case for TikTok’s latest nail trend—duck nails.

As the nail suggests, these manicures are wider at the top of the nail, resembling duck feet. The wider they go, the more extra they look (and the less wearable they become). They also singlehandedly take the cake for the wildest trend we’ve seen in a while and are giving us major Jerseylicious 2010s throwback energy.

Also referred to as flare nails, they’ve already racked up over 15 million views on TikTok, the home of the latest (soon to be popular) beauty trends. This is little to no surprise considering Gen Z’s obsession with other questionable trends (think chunky highlights and low-rise jeans).

Love them or hate them, duck nails are back– with a vengeance. Luckily, like all beauty trends, there’s always the option to simply opt out and keep your nail shape flare-free. But if you’ve been awaiting the return of this look for years, consider yourself a lucky duck.

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