2024’s Coolest Piercing Trends Are For The Maximalists

Consider adding another earring (or three) to your look this year.

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New Year’s resolutions are generally overhyped and hard to follow through on. (Are you really going to start taking 10,000 steps every day or reading one book a week all of a sudden?) But one thing that’s guaranteed to bring some excitement and change to your life — with little effort — is a new piercing.

While custom earscapes have been trending for a few years now, that doesn’t mean piercers aren’t constantly coming up with fresh and creative ways to place and style earrings. For 2024, the experts say the most exciting trends will follow the “more is more” credo — from stacking studs to adding bonus chains. Ahead, NYLON asked professional piercers from studios in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami to predict the coolest ear piercing trends of the year.

1. Constellation Piercings


Zodiac-themed jewelry has been increasingly popular in the past few seasons, but now, piercers are taking inspiration from the constellation shapes themselves to map out earring patterns, says Daniel Villamil of Iris Tattoo and Piercing in Miami. “It gives a fresh take on everyone's ear anatomy, so piercers can create something unique, but representative to each client.”

2. Stacked and Clustered Piercings

Stacked and clustered piercings are some of the most interesting ways to transform what you already have going on with your ears. “If you have a piercing that’s too low, you can always add a piercing above to make it look intentional,” says Ivy Jimenez of Oak & Poppy Tattoos and Piercings in L.A. Cassi Lopez of So Gold Studios in Brooklyn, meanwhile, says she loves doing them in fun placements just about anywhere on the lobes in doubles or even triples.

3. Muti-Ring Piercings

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Out: thin, delicate rings. In: chunkier styles. Lopez says it’s all about creating texture by stacking multiple rings into one piercing — just be aware that the piercing channel may stretch when you add extra weight.

4. Mixed-Metal Earscapes

Jimenez says that while yellow gold will likely continue to be popular, mixing metals will be on the rise for 2024. The different tones add dimension to your look, she says. And they can help lower the cost-per-wear of your jewels, Villamil says, when you’re inspired to find combinations of pieces you wouldn’t previously have thought to pair with one another.

5. Connected Piercings & Chains

Healing new piercings can be tough, so if you’re looking for a changeup without any extra holes, earring accessories and connectors are the answer. Linking one or more chains between piercings takes up space differently on the ear and gives a whole new look to your existing piercings that Lopez calls “very ‘90s but modern.” “Chains can be used in so many piercings, too,” Lopez adds. “Nostrils, nipples, ears, eyebrows. The options are limitless!”

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