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4 Beguiling and Bloody Vampire Makeup Ideas For Halloween

For a bloody good time.

You can never go wrong dressing up as a vampire for Halloween. Think Twilight. Think True Blood. Think Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Think What We Do In The Shadows. Pop culture has long time been obsessed with the beguiling creatures of the night— which conveniently provides a lot of options for costumes come all Hallow’s Eve. Better yet, because vampires disguise themselves amongst their human prey, essentially any outfit you own can work for your blood-sucking alter ego. The only things you need to make your costume work are fangs, a little spooky makeup, and a few drops of blood.

Some people are creative and can’t wait to show off their makeups skills and others just want to look like they tried (but really just want to party), but both types of people can find the perfect vampire makeup look to suit their Halloween vibe. If you need ideas for how to vamp it up this Halloween, we’ve rounded up five different vampire makeup ideas to help you dress up as your own unique bat girl.

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Halloween Look #1: Vampire Skin

Inspired by Twilight, TikTok’s viral #vampireskin makeup look, is one of the easiest (and still glam) vampire makeup looks to emulate this spooky season. All you need to do is add a sparkly liquid highlighter into your foundation and set it with a shimmery powder to reinforce that enchanting Cullen glow. For added fright factor, apply a smeared red lip for the thirsty vampire touch.

Halloween Look #2: It’s Just A Little Blood

A drip of blood hanging off your lips is an unmistakable vampire signifier. Blood drips work with any makeup look, but a smoky eye and a red lip is a classic, can’t miss pairing. After you apply your lipstick (use a liquid matte to minimize budge or transfer) smear the corners downward for that blood spill feel.

Halloween Look #3: Hungry Vampire

With energy fading and thirsty for blood, vampires don’t just have bags under their eyes, but dark creepy veins. While it has the bonus effect of sparing your concealer, this look is a more gruesome take on the classic Halloween character. Generously apply a warm rusty or purple-y color in sweeping back and forth motions under the eyes and diffusing the color toward the cheeks. Then with an eyeliner brush, or liquid eyeliner, apply lines to complete the veiny look. Use the same deep shade of shadow to your lips for a chic, monochrome look.

Halloween Look #4: Soft Girl Vampire

Play up the glamorous nature of vampires with some of the hottest makeup trends adapted in a sanguine color palette. The diffused lipstick trend is fitting for the look of a just-fed vampire while Euphoria eyes can crossover with Vampire Academy in shades of red and gold glitter.