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The Evolution Of Eyebrow Trends: 1980s to Today

Bushy brows to pencil thin and everything in between.

There is no facial feature that tells the story of time more clearly than the eyebrows. At glance, it’s easy to guess what era a brows look was from. But just like fashion, these looks continuously cycle through, return, and evolve as modern interpretations of past inspirations. Whether super thin brows like Josephine Baker’s from the 1920s flapper era pop up again in the ’90s or full and wild brows like 1980s Brooke Shields get a groomed makeover in the 2010s, there are looks we see time and again.

Tap ahead to see the biggest eyebrow trends from the 1980s to today.

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’80s Full & Free

Brooke Shields’ bold, untamed brows were one of the most famous beauty looks of this decade.