10 Gemini-Inspired Nail Art Ideas For the Chaotic Season

Perfect for the sign that's playful, but indecisive.

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As Gemini is the sign of the twins, it also means twice the trouble (but also twice the fun) is on the horizon for the season. Taking place between May 21 and June 21, Gemini season is known for being a highly social time— meaning you’re going to want to have your nails done. Whether it’s an intimate dinner with friends or a night out, you’re going to want to have a manicure that can take you anywhere.

Up ahead, we’ve compiled the most playful Gemini-inspired nail art ideas for the highly indecisive star sign.

Yin Yang Nails

Gemini is the zodiac sign known to have two sides, so this two-toned yin and yang manicure perfectly captures balance and complementary forces.

Fun French

This multicolored French manicure with diamontes captures the playful (but often indecisive) spirit of Gemini season.

Silver Stars

Since most people see the constellation Gemini as just two bright stars, why not commemorate them as metallic nail art.

Pink and Red

This winning color duo is fun and flirty for Spring.

Better-Than-Natural Nails

If you’re looking for a natural-looking manicure, these subtle iridescent gradient nails get more interesting the longer and closer you look at them.

Bubble Nails

These cute cartoon nails capture Geminis’ energetic and bubbly nature.

Conflicting Patterns

Why pick one pattern when you can pick three? These checkerboard, flame, and flower designs are all perfect for spring.

Asymmetrical Shapes

This season is all about shaking things up and taking risks, which includes slanted shaped nails and unexpected lengths.

Soft Shades

Just because you’re opting for near-skin toned nails doesn’t mean you can’t switch up the shade for each hand (in true Gemini fashion).

3D Accents

If you’re looking to spice up your next manicure without opting for a full 3-dimensional look, blob accent nail or two is a fun way to hop on the latest trend.

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