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Glossier Just Released Its First-Ever Retinol

And it’s only $35.

Glossier is perhaps the beauty brand most synonymous with millennials. The founder, Emily Weiss, is a millennial herself. The brand’s signature color is millennial pink. It seems only natural then that as many millennials hit their mid 30s, Glossier grows up and into a more mature realm of skin care. Behold, on August 31, Glossier launched their first-ever retinol.

Glossier has produced some of the beauty industry’s cult favorite products of the last decade, including Boy Brow, Cloud Paint blush, and Futuredew serum. The just-launched Universal Pro-Retinol Nightly Renewing Complex could become a new favorite, especially by making the price point for the powerhouse ingredient only $35.

The formula is a 0.5% pro-retinol in the form of retinyl sunflowerate (a combination of retinol and sunflower fatty acids) that promises to be “a retinoid everyone can love”, but also the perfect starter retinol. The percent range is recommended for retinol beginners, who should start with 0.25-0.5% formulas as the ingredient can cause irritation (and is more likely to in higher concentrations). The Universal Pro-Retinol Nightly Renewing Complex promises to work on oily or dry skin, improve the appearance of fine lines, blemishes, uneven tone, and texture, all while nourishing the skin. In addition to the star ingredient, it contains stevia leaf extract, a plant-based retinol alternative, which helps support the retinol work even better in this formula.

Calling the world of retinoids confusing can be an understatement. Retinol and other retinoids are essentially derivatives of vitamin A, which help the skin to speed up cell turnover. Because it works at a cellular level, don’t expect to see immediate results. As is the case with any skin care product, you need between four and six weeks to evaluate results. Consistent use is key. When it comes to making a lifestyle change to include active ingredients in your routine, many people swear by getting started in your mid to late 20s to kickstart the process and good habits.

In Glossier’s clinical study, conducted before releasing the product, 100% of participants said their skin looked visibly transformed, smoother, and visibly more radiant after four weeks of use. 84% said their wrinkles were visibly improved.

Glossier Universal Pro-Retinol Nightly Renewing Complex is now available online and in-store and recommended for use at night (after cleansing and before moisturizing). If you’re ready to jump on this new launch, remember the one skincare rule that is particularly important when using retinoids—wear sunscreen every day.