How To Get Hailey Bieber’s “Brownie Glazed Lips” Look


Hailey Bieber recently went viral on TikTok (once again) for sharing her new favorite lip look. She captioned the video showing her shiny pout, “ready for all the fall things including brownie glazed lips ✨✨✨🤎🤎🤎”. Lucky for everyone, she later demoed how to get the sultry look in two simple steps, and thus a new fall 2022 trend was born— and it’s easy for anyone to wear.

Tap ahead for 10 product options to help recreate the perfect brownie glazed lip recipe to get the look for yourself.

Step One:

The first step to getting Hailey’s brownie glazed lips is to line lips in a soft, brown lip pencil and then gently buff out the lip line with your finger.