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Hailey Bieber Explained Her Perioral Dermatitis Skin Condition

She offered advice and shared what triggers her breakouts.

Hailey Bieber wants to be "transparent" with her followers regarding skin struggles. On Monday, December 7, the model shared a series of posts to her Instagram Story, sharing that she contends with perioral dermatitis, a rash that commonly occurs on the skin in response to irritation.

Posting an selfie from day three of her latest perioral-related breakout, Bieber wrote that she's had the condition for a few years. When it comes to her case of peioral dermatitis, the model said that it's often triggered by different things, and will appear on her face, particularly around the mouth and under her eyes.

She explained that things like a new product, weather, wearing masks, and certain SPF formulas are particularly troublesome for her skin. "That's why for my skin personally I go for super gentle anti inflammatory products that will help soothe my skin," she wrote. In an additional slide posted later, she spoke in favor of hypoallergenic laundry detergents, noting that some detergents can be a trigger.

She cautioned against self diagnosing a possible breakout as dermatitis, and instead suggested seeking professional help. "Sometimes it gets so irritated only a prescription cream will help calm it down," she wrote.

Back in April, she touched on her experience with peioral dermatitis in an interview, Teen Vogue noted. "I always try to avoid fragrance in products as it’s too much on the skin. However, I don’t always know what’s being put on my skin as I work with lots of different makeup artists," she said.

To combat some of the makeup-related impact to her skin, Bieber always washes off product before bed, and she said that she her routine usually consists of a cleanse, applying serum, and then, she moisturizes.

Below, see more of what Bieber had to say about perioral dermatitis on her Instagram Story.

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