Half-Face Sheet Masks Are Taking Over TikTok

The skincare hack is perfect for traveling.

As new variants spread globally, wearing a protective mask is still an important and effective measure to help keep yourself and others healthy. But all this regular mask-wearing, however crucial, has still been an adjustment for our skin. In fact, a study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology reported a 97 percent rate of skin damage (from maskne to skin irritation) enhanced by infection-prevention measures among front-line medical workers in Hubei, China. While non-frontline workers don’t wear masks in as high a frequency, we all know the after effects of angry itchy skin and acne are just a part of regular mask use. This doesn’t mean we should be throwing out our masks, but instead adjusting our routine slightly if we’re experiencing new skin problems. Skincare influencer Alexa Johnson—aka @glowopedia on TikTok—posted one genius solution on TikTok that’s gone viral.

While traveling, Johnson shared that she wears a half-face sheet mask for “about 45-minutes” under her protective mask. "It helped rehydrate my skin and didn't leave my face feeling so fry and chapped like masks usually do,” she said in the video. In addition to creating a barrier between her skin and her protective mask.

The featured sheet mask was Masque Bar’s Shield & Soothe PPE Facial Hydrogel Mask, created specifically for under medical masks. Infused with hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, and calendula, it provides deep moisture, calms the skin, and evens skin tone. Johnson says she purchased the mask at Target, but you can also find it on and With the “double mask” skincare tip going viral (with over three million views), the masks are bound to fly off shelves.

Whether or not you try the half-face sheet mask trick to soothe skin during extended periods of mask wearing, the most important thing is that you’re wearing the mask that counts—the surgical one to protect you. Aside from that, washing and moisturizing your face daily and cleaning or replacing your mask often are tricks that haven’t gone viral but will work to keep pesky maskne or dry skin away. But if you do want to create a new meaning for double masking, her are some options you can try.