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Jackie Aina Will To Star And Produce A Film Documentary On The Impact Of Black Social Media Influencers

The film will center on the stories of Jackie Aina, Cydnee Black, Alissa Ashley, Whitney White, Shalom Blac and Nyma Tang.

The year of Jackie Aina is just beginning. After launching a new lifestyle brand and keeping up with her popular YouTube channel, Aina has been tapped to produce and star in the documentary Social Beauty, The Hollywood Reporter announced. The film, which will begin shooting this fall, will center on the lives and impact of six Black social media influencers, including Aina.

According to a statement, shared with THR, the film will focus on "the success and impact of everyday Black women, turned top social media influencers dominating the mainstream beauty market and changing its standards, one tutorial at a time." For the film, the focus will center on Aina, Cydnee Black, Alissa Ashley, Whitney White, Shalom Blac and Nyma Tang. Celebrity makeup artists, beauty editors, and additional members of the beauty industry are expected to be featured in the doc, offering their take on the impact of influencers.

Others working on the documentary with Aina include director Kwanza Nicole Gooden (Centric’s Being), producers CJ Faison (Giants) and Takara Joseph (Giants and Project Involve Fellow), and actress Andrea Lewis (Degrassi: The Next Generation).

Aina expressed her excitement for the doc in a statement given to THR, saying, "I hope through this project people will see that so many of us are passionate, multifaceted, and more than what you see outwardly. It is an honor being a part of a community that encourages so many of us to believe in ourselves and to look and feel beautiful even when often times the media encourages otherwise."