This New Beauty Brand Is Making False Eyelashes For The No-Makeup Makeup Crowd

Loveseen want to change your perception of false lashes, and who can wear them.

While new brands routinely say otherwise, there are very few untapped categories in the beauty industry. Despite experimentation with formulas and textures, mainstays like lipstick, mascara, and eyeshadow are flooded with options, rarely addressing a problem that hasn't already been addressed (and solved) before. But when it comes to Loveseen, the industry's newest name attempting to reimagine false eyelashes, it may just truly be onto something.

The brainchild of two fashion industry veterans and collaborators, makeup artist Troi Ollivierre and former J.Crew president and creative director Jenna Lyons — both of whom had a hand in changing the modern American look through the label's catalogues and visuals — the new direct-to-consumer beauty brand is aiming to change the way the industry sells false lashes, and the way consumers think about who can wear them. Officially debuting on September 22, it's not lost on Lyons that they're launching a new brand in a category that inherently involves education during a globally uncertain time. But she's confident there's space for it.

"There was never an impetus to bring a beauty brand to life right now. COVID-19 has taken myself and the world by storm," Lyons shared with NYLON over email. "I am deeply grateful that I am not launching lipstick. We are trying to reimagine, or re-envision, a product that has unfortunately aligned itself with full-beat makeup and connect it more directly to a lighter, more everyday approach."

Loveseen romy lashCourtesy of Loveseen

And she's right. False lashes are nearly synonymous with heavy contours and bold cut-creases, typically offered in dramatically voluminous, fanned-out styles that alienate — or at the very least, intimidate — a big consumer base that loves makeup, but prefers to look like they're not wearing much of it. To meet those consumers where they are, Ollivierre and Lyons spent over 18 months working on Loveseen, creating 15 handcrafted, affordable, and intuitive styles, each with their own imagined personalities and stories.

On top of being a category serving few aesthetic preferences, false lashes have always been generally hard to deal with. There's the double sided tape, the glue, the flimsy, noticeable bands that never quite adhere to the lash line in a believable way. For Loveseen, creating a better application process was just as crucial as the look.

"The most important thing was creating a product that we believed in and that actually worked," Lyons said. "There is no replacement for 'fittings' where you actually put the lashes on someone and have them see themselves, and then in turn allow ourselves to see something really work on people."

Available for $22 each, Loveseen lashes were designed with delicate, blend-able bands and unique, realistic, color options often overlooked in the market for the most natural results. And while not in the color cosmetics category, these lashes were thoughtfully crafted with inclusivity in mind, taking into consideration various eye shapes, skin tones, and hair colors, so you can form each lash to your eye for a comfortable, flexible fit.

Beyond the lashes themselves, Loveseen's chic, navy packaging is earth-friendly — with lash trays made from sugar cane pulp, outer-packaging made of recycled cardboard and paper, soy-based ink, and recyclable shipping and packing materials. At a time when new beauty brands are launching at what feels like a rapid, and oftentimes seemingly careless pace, Loveseen feels like a holistic, thoughtful, and welcomed debut.

"I think I come from a place where I find beauty deeply diverse. I love wrinkles, I love scars; beauty that doesn’t necessarily fit into the traditional sense," Lyons shared. "I love a full beat of makeup, a red lip and no eye makeup. I appreciate all kinds of beauty and I hope that we are successful in conveying that."

See shots from Loveseen's debut lookbook below, and shop the full 15-style collection at

Loveseen LUCA lashCourtesy of Loveseen
Loveseen CATE lashCourtesy of Loveseen
Loveseen Axel LashCourtesy of Loveseen
Loveseen Iris LashCourtesy of Loveseen