Courtesy of Kirin Bhatty


Behind The Scenes Of Jenny Slate’s Movie Premiere Glam

Straight from her makeup artist Kirin Bhatty.

Over 10 years since the original debut of Marcel The Shell With Shoes On, the short film has taken on a new life as a full length feature. As undeniable as Marcel is adorable, is the fact that Jenny Slate—one of Marcel’s creators and the voice of the shell, himself— is having another moment in the spotlight.

Ahead, Slate’s go-to makeup artist Kirin Bhatty shares what goes into getting the actress’ ethereal glow from the movie’s June premiere.

Courtesy of Kirin Bhatty
The Inspiration

“We wanted to tap into the light airiness of the outfit by Giambatista Valli and also the whimsy of the film,” says Kirin Bhatty. To coordinate the dress, Bhatty chose soft makeup elements including, “healthy glowing skin, stained lips, and soft flecks of gold and beige-y bronze on the lids”.

Courtesy of Kirin Bhatty

The makeup look complements Slate’s Giambatista Valli outfit.

Courtesy of Kirin Bhatty
Makeup Details
Skin Prep
Surratt Perfectionniste Primer

“First, I prepped the skin with Sisley Paris skincare, using the Black Rose Mask, Black Rose Eye Contour Fluid and Velvet Nourishing Cream to give skin a beautiful, healthy bounce. Then, I used the Surratt Perfectionniste Primer to create a veil on the skin for a minimal makeup application.”

Surratt Dew Drop Foundation

“I followed with a few drops of the Surratt Dew Drop Foundation in shade 6 and the Concealer Palette in shade 2 where needed. Then, I lightly sculpted and contoured with Concealer Palette in shade 3 to bring out her gorgeous cheek bones.”

Surratt Torche Lumiere in Diamante

“I used the Surratt Liquid Blush in Parfait and followed with a light layer of the Artistique powder blush Cherubique to pack a touch of rose pink on to the cheeks. I then highlighted the high points of the face with the Torche Lumiere in Diamante.Finally, to finish the skin I applied matte loose powder where needed.”

Surratt Relevee Lash Curler

“I swept shades from the Beyond Beige Palette to contour the eye. Then, I used a little eye shadow in the shade Serin to intensify the gold on the lid. Then I softy lined the lash line with the deepest shade from the palette.To finish the eyes, I curled the lashes with the Relevee Curler and then applied two yummy, generous coats of Suratt mascara.”

Surratt La Baton Rouge in Quaintrelle

“For the lips, I lined and filled them in with La Baton Rouge in Quaintrelle and then pressed Lipslique in Bandy onto the lips with my fingertips for a lived in, effortless lip.”

BTS witth Kirin with Jenny

“I wanted everything to just feel effortless and weightless and for Jenny’s natural beauty to shine through,” says Bhatty.

The Final Look

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