10 Leo-Inspired Nail Art Ideas For The Prideful Season

Indulge in the astrological season for vanity.

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Leo season, which begins on July 22 and concludes on August 22, officially grants us permission for all things over-the-top. Known for being attention grabbers or seekers (depending on how you think of it), this astrological season is all about passion and confidence. Do with that information what you will, but surely it means it’s time for a nail art upgrade.

Here are ten Leo-inspired nail art designs that give off major main character energy.

White Hot

This black and white fiery french manicure pays tribute to the fire sign in a unique color palette.

Crown Jewels

Why not indulge yourself with a royal diamond and gold adorned manicure with a gradient color base? Lions are the king of the jungle, after all.

Fire and Ice

Spice up your next classic french manicure with an unexpected, high contrast color combo.

Molten Lava

These metallic, earthy colors look straight out of a volcano.

Aura On Fire

This orange aura manicure is looks even cooler with the addition of airbrushed dancing flame patterns.

Rock Stars

There’s no doubt that Leo’s are the star of the show wherever they are. With this manicure, your nails will be too.

Crocodile French

This white croc design is for the more understated Leo who still wants to stand out from all the regular French tips out there.

Butterfly Nails

Pay tribute to the softer, but still social side of the intense zodiac sign with summery butterfly nails.

Hawaiian Print

These green metallic Hawaiian print nails are perfect for summer getaway.

Blue Blaze

This graphic flame design is simple but still scorching.

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