Lip Smacker Celebrates 50 Years With A Limited Edition Lip Balm Vault

50 iconic lip balms from the past five decades.

Any ’90s baby will know that Lip Smacker was a Y2K staple. Launching in 1973, Lip Smacker was dubbed “the first flavored lip balm” and it was instantly a hit with pre-teens and teens. The original first flavors were strawberry, green apple, and orange chocolate, but by the 1990s favorite flavors included cotton candy, pink lemonade, and Dr Pepper. Today, there are even Crayola-themed Lip Smackers, Unicorn Frappe Cup Lip Balms, and Hello Kitty Lip Smackers.

To celebrate Lip Smacker’s 50th anniversary, the brand has announced a Limited Edition 50th Anniversary Vault. The lip balm vault takes Lip Smacker fans on a trip back in time, with 50 iconic lip balms from the past five decades. The vault is shaped as a life-size look-alike of the balm that started it all—the original Strawberry Lip Smacker.

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Lip Smacker
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The Lip Smacker Limited Edition 50th Anniversary Vault is available on Amazon for $100. The 50 flavors range from fruity to fizzy to frappe, with many new as well as original nostalgic flavors. The vault itself can also be worn as a purse, tote, or backpack, bringing you your Y2K favorite lip balm in a new larger-than-life format—one that definitely won’t fit in your back pocket.