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The Lush Valentine’s Day Collection Includes A Harry Styles-Inspired Scrub

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Like seemingly everyone else on the planet, Lush North America can't get enough of the newest Harry Styles record. As we all continue humming along to every Fine Line track, the beauty retailer revealed a brand new Valentine's Day product that took its cue from the pop star.

The Lush 2021 Valentine's Day collection has officially arrived, and included in the batch of romantic goodies is a lip scrub called Watermelon Sugar. Yep, that song now has its own beauty product. Retailing for $12.95, the scrub is watermelon-inspired in both coloring and scent. Featuring Jojoba Oil for added lip softness, the Styles-inspired scrub includes a hint of watermelon seed oil and maple butter flavor.

For now, the remaining singles on the Fine Line tracklist will go without an accompanying beauty product, but the scrub is featured among other Lush Valentine's launches. For this latest season of love, Lush also unveiled a Bubble Blower, which can be swirled through your tub water to create bubbles. The lip-shaped product can then double as a literal bubble blower.

Other new items inspired by romance include a Rose Argan massage bar, a heart-shaped bath bomb infused with rosebuds, and a fizzy bath bomb scented with lavender, orange, and rose. Rounding out the collection are a number of additional bath bombs and sweet-scented goodies, including a previously released peach-shaped bath bomb.

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