M.A.C’s ‘Basic Bitch’ Palette Has Finally Arrived

Along with some other makeup goodies

It’s been over five months since whisperings about a so-called "Basic Bitch" eyeshadow palette from M.A.C started up on the internet. But it seemed like the product might've been nothing more than a rumor. And that made sense, since, as we all know, "basic bitch" isn't exactly an empowering or even positive term. So while our interest was piqued, we didn't really know what to expect. If, you know, anything.

Then today, seemingly out of nowhere, the brand revealed that the product is, indeed, real. In fact, it's one of six new M.A.C Girls palettes fans can choose from depending on their personality. “Basic Bitch” is one choice, but there’s also “Rockin’ Rebel,” “Prissy Princess,” “Mischief Minx,” “Fashion Fanatic,” and “Power Hungry.” They all come with different eyeshadows along with an “impalpable glare” highlighter. 

“Fashion Fanatic” is a pink driven palette with shade names like “Shop Shop Shop” and “On the Hip Side.” “Rockin’ Rebel” includes a cerulean blue and frosty white,  great for anyone looking to stand out. "Power Hungry,” predictably, has a gold-based color scheme with names like “Gimme That!” and “Bossing It.”

In addition to the Girls line, M.A.C is also coming out with what appears to be a game-changing liquid eye liner. It’s called the “Rollerwheel” and, thanks to a mini spinning wheel, it picks up product and can be rolled on the eyelid for a winged or geometric look of your choice.

The palettes are available August 3 and will retail for $39.50 while the liquid liner will be released August 17 and is priced at $21. You can check them all out ahead.