M.A.C. Underground rainbow hued highlighter
Courtesy of M.A.C. Cosmetics


EXCLUSIVE: MAC Cosmetics Introduces New Sub-Brand For Exclusive, Innovative Launches

The brand has announced the launch of M.A.C. Underground, a series of hyperspeed product drops — beginning with a rainbow-hued highlighter.

Pride Month continues on, and in case your makeup routine needs a little extra sparkle and color, M.A.C. Cosmetics has you covered. Today, the company officially unveiled M.A.C. Underground, an umbrella brand that features product drops and developments at a much quicker than normal pace. The collection officially kicked off with the launch of a rainbow-hued highlighter named Precious.

Created with the fan-favorite Extra Dimension Skinfish formula, Precious, retailing for $30, is a limited-edition product featuring only 1,000 highlighters. The launch will be an exclusive to M.A.C. Lovers members, a loyalty program available through MacCosmetics.com.

Speaking with NYLON, Ukonwa Ojo, Global Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President, Global Marketing, M.A.C. Cosmetics, explained the specific Pride-inspired intentions behind the highlighter. "Highlighting is a great way to make a bold, colorful statement, which so many people are looking to create for Pride. The Precious highlighter helps intensify your Pride look with a kaleidoscope of color, and the prismatic reflections are designed to sculpt and highlight the face, leaving a luminous, well-defined finish," Ojo said.

As this launch is a limited edition one, each highlighter is numbered. Additionally, M.A.C. Underground boasts its own innovative packaging, with Ojo explaining that products feature a high-contrast look that's intended to stand out from the standard black and white M.A.C. Cosmetics packaging. "Underground is all about being bold and daring -- sometimes doing things that might push the limits and also create entirely new ways of working as a brand," she said.

You'll have to act fast to get your hands on the highlighter, but the exclusivity of the launch is what makes M.A.C. Underground so unique. "Once it’s sold out, it’s gone. We realized that when you make every product and franchise available to everyone, everywhere it loses the magic of exclusivity and buzz. This is our way of rewarding our loyal fans with something special that no one else can get," Ojo explained.

When it comes to future M.A.C. Underground launches, what products might be unveiled remain a secret for now, but more is coming. The brand hopes to launch one to two new products every quarter.

Get a closer look at the product, below.