Milk Makeup Kush Triple Brow Pens in all shade ranges.
Courtesy of Milk Makeup


Milk Makeup Finally Extended Its Kush Makeup Line With Something For Your Brows

And it's available in eight water-resistant shades.

The beauty hits just keep coming from Milk Makeup. Following the release of a collection of melatonin-infused makeup and a debut in the skin care space, Milk Makeup has unveiled another essential product, the Kush Triple Brow Pen. Released on April 20, this newest addition to the brand's expanding line of Kush products comes in eight shades.

Retailing for $22 on and, the pen was made to give you the artfully-filled brows of your dreams. The triple-tipped pen results in precise application, and can be used to feather or fill brows as needed. In addition to building up your brows, the pen, made of plant-derived oil, sunflower oil, and aloe, will hydrate and condition skin, leaving you with luscious looking brows.

To achieve the micro-bladed look, Milk recommends starting at the front of the brow and then drawing hair-like strokes. Continue to fill in any bare areas. For sheer strokes of color, lightly press the pen to the brow. For heavier, bolder brows, press the pen harder to the brow. Color can be removed during your makeup cleansing routine and will come off easily with your choice of makeup remover.

Along with brand new goodies for your brows, Milk Makeup announced two additional shades of its popular Kush Lip Glaze ($18). Previously available in a clear shade dubbed Chronic, the Lip Glaze now comes in a nude shade named Nova and a rose coloring named Rosebud.

Both the Lip Glaze and Triple Brow Pen join additional Kush products that include mascara, lip scrub, brow gel, and eyelash primer.

See the complete shade range and how the product works, below.