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Milk Makeup’s Latest Launch Is a Skin Tint, SPF, and Face Oil In One

It's the brand's first launch of the year.

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Milk Makeup's latest beauty invention is a must for those on the ever-continuing quest to create a simplified makeup routine. Arriving to and on February 5, the Sunshine Skin Tint Clean SPF 30 Foundation does just about everything for your skin.

The latest Milk Makeup launch, which is a revamp of a fan-fave, comes in 14 flexible shades, and the silicone-free skin tint sits lightweight on the face, meaning you'll be wearing foundation, without looking like your wearing foundation.

Its abilities as a foundation/skin tint aside, the product also comes with SPF 30, and natural oils, including grapeseed, avocado, mandarin, jojoba, and olive. The oils, combined with oil-derived squalene, makes for a formula that should also leave your skin looking super dewy.

The magic doesn't end there though, as the product is refillable. Doing its part to help in the Industry's continued efforts to eliminate unnecessary plastic waste, Milk Makeup created Sunshine Skin Tint with refillable cartridges. Refills will debut in April, and will cost $32 each.

To apply the product, you need only use the accompanying rollerball, which was created for an on-the-go application. As part of the product's makeover, there's now an easier click button to seamlessly dispense product.

Get a look at the remake, below.

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