Courtesy of Nailboo


Nailboo Just Launched Press-Ons For the Nail Art Obsessed

The coolest instant manicure around.

During the the lockdowns, when salons were closed, we all started to see the value in at-home nail kits and press-on nails. That convenience (and the freedom to D.IY.) has kept press-on nails trending all through 2021 and into 2022. It has also left many craving new sets, longer nails, and more elaborate designs to fill the void between traditional press-ons and nail tech designed acrylics. Now, Nailboo, known for their cult-favorite dip powder, has entered into the press-on space with eight new press-on designs in two elongating shapes that are sure to make the nail art obsessed very happy.

The Nailboo Press-On nail designs are all exclusive to the brand, and include eight different designs featuring organic-looking line art, soft gradients, and even a cool camo print. Each of the styles—which all have fun names like Disco Parade, Matcha Sunrise, or Cold Blooded—are available for $20 each on the Nailboo website starting April 28. The dynamic designs come in coffin or almond shapes that can be tailored to your perfect length.

Courtesy of Nailboo

The press-on nails are tapered (thinner at the base) and flexible at the cuticle, for easy at-home application that leaves your mani looking natural and with a comfortable feel. According to the brand, they’re “lightweight yet strong enough to withstand everyday activities”. They can even be reused, provided if you preserve the set when removing them by soaking your fingertips in warm water and a little oil and using a wooden manicure stick gently lift the edge to see if the nail is ready to come off.

Courtesy of Nailboo

The nail kit comes with everything you need for easy application: nail tips, glue, a prep pad, a mini file, and a cuticle pusher. For best application, first select your perfect nail tip fit for each finger (each set comes with 24 tips), shaping the edge if needed using a nail file. Then on clean and dry nails, gently push the cuticle back and wipe the nail with alcohol prep pad. Finally, apply the press-on nails using the nail glue at the center of the natural nail, align the nail tip to the cuticle, and apply. So, lazy nail art lovers rejoice! It’s never been easier to get a bad ass manicure at home— and in minutes.

Check out some of our favorite styles from the new launch below: