This ”Natural Blush” Technique Is All Over TikTok

But the results don't last long.

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With rosy cheeks and glowing skin trending, we’re all looking for the perfect shade of blush. According to the latest TikTok trend, however, you can still skip out on the store and achieve a natural blush look without any product at all– albeit for a very limited amount of time.

In order to achieve a “natural blush” look, Gen Z creators are pressing down their noses, pinching their cheeks, and waiting for color to develop, all while filming their results. The hashtag #NaturalBlush already has over 13 million views.

While some people swear by the trick, many BIPOC creators have shared that it doesn’t work on their skin tone. “I hate these trends,” wrote one creator.

Since the new trend doesn’t work for everyone (and only lasts long enough to make a TikTok video), we’re betting “natural blush” won’t be overtaking actual makeup products anytime soon. For those of us who are not willing to let any trend go to waste, if the “natural blush” technique works for you, you can use your pinched-cheek color as a guide the next time you go shopping for makeup. Voilà. It’s your most expertly matched shade that will last longer than 30 seconds.

For a rosy look that you don’t have to pinch yourself for, here are some of our favorite long-lasting blushes.

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