A model with stick on stars under her eyes in a black outfit and flashy necklace
Courtesy of Starface


New York Fashion Week Embraced Stick-On Beauty Accessories

Rhinestones, pimple patches, dots, and more.

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Every fashion week, you can expect a few mainstay beauty looks to appear. Red lips and glowing skin never fail, but for the Spring/Summer 2023 season, beauty had a bent towards the unusual. On the runways, the face gems trend evolved to something newer and more exciting. Models were shown wearing body stickers, decorative pimple patches, rhinestones, and much more.

Up ahead, check out some of the most unexpected beauty accessories from the spring runways.

Puppets & Puppets

At Puppets & Puppets, Starface’s forthcoming Black Star launch (out October 12) became the fist pimple patches to ever walk the runway. Makeup artist Fara Homidi used the cute star-shaped patches in place of face gems and body paint to create futuristic looks on otherwise fresh-faced models.

Puppets & PuppetsCourtesy of Starface
Puppets & PuppetsCourtesy of Starface
Rodin Banica
Sandy Liang

Sandy Liang and makeup artist Carolina Dali embraced a Y2K aesthetic with rhinestone body stickers in the shapes of bows and “S” and “L” initials on bare midriff looks.

Sandy LiangRodin Banica
Sandy LiangRodin Banica
Arturo Holmes/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
Maisie Wilen

For this season’s show, Maisie Wilen meant to evoke CGI and special effects with a green screen runway and models’ faces decorated with motion capture dots.

Maisie Wilen
Michelle Corvino
Foo & Foo

Makeup artist Tracy Alfajora designed the makeup look for the Foo & Foo show to mimic “anime characters’ blush” with flushed cheeks, and then topped models’ eyes with Simihaze Eye Play stickers.

Foo & FooSarah Schecker
Victor VIRGILE/Gamma-Rapho/Getty Images
Peter Do

Makeup artist Aaron de Mey took the idea of glitter eyeshadow up an experimental notch with meticulously shaped glitter eyebrows in pink, red, silver, and blue.

Peter Do

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